Women’s Football Final – The Build Up

So, this time it really is it.  The end.  Not of the Games, obviously – plenty more action there as yet – but of the Women’s Olympic Football tournament for London 2012.  And what a tournament it’s been.

From something which, if we’re all being open and honest, was a minority interest for most, women’s football has surely been one of the breakout success stories of the entire Games in a mere two weeks.  Not bad going for a supposedly inferior incarnation of the beautiful game.

Right from day one (or day minus-2 in the grand Olympic calender), the women’s tournament has provided endless entertainment and at least 4 individual matches which could be described as classics of the sport.  From USA’s logic-defying 4-2 victory over France on day 1, via Team GB’s astonishing 1-0 victory over a superstar Brazilian team and Canada’s comeback 2-2 draw against Sweden to secure qualification to the knockout stages.  Then don’t forget Monday’s game to end all games, the utterly indescribable 4-3 extra time victory for the US over Canada, a game in possession of every single individual element a football fan could ever wish for.

How, though, could the Final possibly top what has gone before?  How about a match pitching the reigning Olympic Champions and perennial Olympic Finalists vs. the reigning World Champions?  How about a grudge-match-rematch of the 2011 World Cup final which saw the US twice take the lead before being pegged back late in normal time and again during injury time?  How about a match up between a team that admitted trying not to score in their final group game in order to progress down a simpler route to the final and a team which has shown guts and glory in equal measure, just when they have been needed?  How about that?  Tasty enough for you?

Logic dictates that a free scoring, tournament dominating US team spearheaded by the peerless Abi Wambach and bang-in-form Megan Rapinoe ought to take another gold medal to add to the US’ already impressive total, but logic, as we well know, has a tendency not turn up during sporting events, especially in the Olympics.

And if you’re still not convinced that women’s football has raised its profile during these games; if you needed a simple snapshot to demonstrate just how big this has become over the past couple of weeks, we’ll leave you with the clearest proof imaginable.  A quick shout from one of the world’s most avowedly cool stars from Monday evening.  Samuel L Jackson, over to you…

“MASSIVE HEADER by Morgan in extra time for US Soccer WIN!!! THRILLING SHIT!!! Go USA!!!!!”



Images from: (top) http://bleacherreport.com/articles/

(bottom) http://www.cbc.ca/player/Sports/Soccer/Full+Shows/ID/2059290058/ (Thank you!)


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