Golden Girls

The 5th day of the Paralympics is definitely one for the golden girls with superstars Ellie Simmonds and Natasha Baker competing in very different sports, but claiming the same fantastic results.

Natasha Baker

Natasha went first, gaining her second gold of the Games in the Ind. Freestyle Test – Grade II dressage test and scoring a phenomenal personal best of 82.800% to win.  I haven’t yet seen the test with the added experience of hearing the music Natasha rode to (our office will only put the TV on in mute…otherwise I suppose nobody would do any work) but she put Cabral through his paces well, resulting in a clean and beautiful looking test. From what I can work out this test differs from the Mixed Individual Championship Test as it’s done to music and includes the canter, needing to include the criteria set by the judges but is not part of  a set test.  So that’s two gold medals for Natasha now, not bad for her first Paralympic Games!

Ellie Simmonds

Not satisfied with smashing the world record in her heat of the Women’s 200m medley SM6, Ellie stormed home this evening in the final, 8.8 seconds ahead of Silver medallist Verena Schott, breaking the world record again.  Setting the new record at 3:05.39 mins and claiming her second gold medal of the Games, Ellie has shown the world that at only 17 years old she’s mature beyond her years, not folding to the pressure and hype put on her pre-Paralympics and proving she is definitely the poster girl of these Games!


Images from: 1) and 2) Thanks!!


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