Olympics – Top 10 Female Athletes

As far as medal counts go, here’s a list of the top 10 women from the London 2012 Olympics.  We’re aware that many women tied on medals, so the list goes in alphabetical order, with the sacrifice of Gabbie Douglas in place of Charlotte Dujardin as, well USA had appeared too much already and  needed to get a Team GB in there!!  This is just a snap shot of the awesome achievements gained by women at the Olympics, a games where they proved women most definitely can play sport too.

Name  Country  Sport Medals 
      Gold Silver Bronze
Missy Franklin USA Swimming 4 0 1
Allison Schmitt USA Swimming 3 1 1
Allyson Felix USA Athletics 3 0 0
Dana Vollmer USA Swimming 3 0 0
Ranomi Kromowidjojo Nederlands Swimming 2 1 0
Rebecca Soni USA Swimming 2 1 0
Alexandra Raisman USA Gymnastics 2 0 1
Ruolin Chen China Diving 2 0 0
Elisa Di Francisca Italy Fencing 2 0 0
Charlotte Dujardin Great Britain Dressage 2 0 0

She’s not Team GB, but USA’s Melissa ‘Missy‘ Jeanette Franklin, with four gold medals, one bronze, two World Records and three American records during these games at the grand old age of 17 has certainly made her mark as a star of now, let alone the future.

Role on Rio 2016


Image from http://www.vanityfair.com/online/daily (THANKS!!!)



  1. I’d argue that Gabby Douglas and Dujardin should both be included– Douglas was the first African-American to win the gymnastics all-around, breaking barriers at a young age. Plus, she was subjected to a lot of abuse about her appearance throughout the Olympics (from men and women alike!), which significantly highlights the negatively female athletes (and all women) unfortunately still have to deal with. Also significantly, she remained high above any and all disparaging comments- a true champion.

    • True and Gabby Douglas is definitely worth a mention for her amazing achievements at such a young age and dealing with the misdirected media attention surrounding her. This list came straight off the official London 2012 website and runs in alphabetical order – as both her and Charlotte won two gold medals and we only had space for one more athlete we decided that the USA had already featured enough on the list so we opted for Charlotte…I’m also biased towards the horses (living, not pommel!)

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