Tall Girls vs Sunshine Girls – England vs Jamaica Netball Series

Well this week has been a crazy one, there’s been so much going on we can barely keep up.  What with the WSL coming to a close this weekend, the T20 cricket storming away, the British National Track Championships in the Manchester Velodrome and the discovery of the Gangum Style video, the antics of England’s Netball ladies almost passed us by.


In a three match series, England played host to Jamaica’s national squad in a tournament which saw the home team as eventual champions.  The first match got off to a slightly shaky start, with both teams finding their feet as well as their other team members in a relatively early season game and remained a very close contest.  Both teams fought to take the lead throughout the game, often with England edging ahead only to loose possession and the top goal score to the Sunshine Girls, however as the game whistle went for the end of the final quarter it was England with the goals, winning the game 63-51.

The second match didn’t go quite the same way for England.  After loosing their first game, Jamaica came out fighting and although England battled back could only manage 44 goals whilst Jamaica held their nerve and netted 49.  This meant it was all down to the final match when the teams met again a few days later.

The third match did not disappoint, once again becoming an incredibly closely fought game with England being pushed right up until the final whistle to claim their win and seal the Series.  The two teams never had a gap of more than five goals separating them, Jamaica showcasing some fast and furious passing as well as patience in the centre third.  However some crucial footwork decisions and missed scoring opportunities saw England keep their head and gain their lead, finishing the match 62-58.

A brilliant start to what is looking to be an action packed series for England Netball.


p.s I have just realised I went to school with a member of the England Squad.  So that’s an international Netballer and an Olympic Beach Volleyball player now…what does that tell you about the build of people in the Shire?!

Image from http://www.englandnetball.co.uk/ (thank you!)


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