T20 World Cup Final – England vs. Australia

….The End

And the answer was no, no they couldn’t quite do it.  With 9 runs to get off the last 3 balls England couldn’t quite manage the win and ended up 4 runs shy of the title.  However a fantastic tournament for England Women’s team and commiserations to Charlotte Edwards et al.  In the meanwhile we should probably also say well done to Australia, T20 World Cup champions.


Right, we have timed this horribly and have to go to work.  At least we got through a whole innings.  Can England get to 143 within their 20 overs?  History would suggest so, but this is going to be a nailbiter.  Enjoy it!

20th Over – Australia – 142/4

Final over goes to Laura Marsh who’ll really just be looking to keep things below about a 145 or so.  Good, tight work for the first three balls and even the full toss only goes for 1 thanks to some tight fielding and poor positioning.  Only 6 from the final over and 142 is the final score.  More or less par, I’d say.

19th Over – Australia – 136/3

Stick or twist?  Australia probably need to put on 20-30 runs in the last two overs to really believe they’ll have played England out of the game.  England’s field is set to encourage low scoring runs off Holly Colvin, which is fine but it does allow Australia to keep it ticking over.  Interesting tactical battle all of a sudden.

18th Over – Australia – 130/3

Australia’s two veterans facing Wyatt with only three overs left.  If England can keep things tight between now and the 20th, they’ll feel like there’s a total they can chase.  Poor start though with a swept boundary placed with expert care by Blackwell.  Tight for the rest of the over from Wyatt with Australia restricted to singles and dot balls.  Decent over.

17th Over – Australia – 123/3

Holly Colvin back into the bowling attack, what have England got?

WICKET!! That’s what they’ve got!  Cameron tempted by Colvin’s first of the over and she’s holed out to Jenny Gunn.  Without that last over, England would have felt they did well against her powerful strokeplay.  She may have hit a match winning innings with that though.  Good work from Colvin nonetheless.

Alex Blackwell is the new Aussie bat on her 50th cap.  Runs back down to the 1s for the time being, if England can keep this run rate down they may well be back into this game.

16th Over – Australia – 119/2

HUGE!  MASSIVE 6 from Jess Cameron, on her knee pulls Shrubsole over the rope and this is where Cameron is going to try and press the button.  And now a 4 run scoop shot followed by a great boundary through mid-off.  Cameron is taking this game away from England.  Very expensive over.

15th Over – Australia – 102/2

Laura Marsh back into the England attack, she could be the spark that England need right now.  Super shot from Cameron from her first ball brings two immediate runs.  Australia finding the spaces in the England field brilliantly at the moment.  No big boundaries for a little while, but the scoring is metronomic from Sthalekar and Cameron.  This is a lovely Australian partnership actually, Sthalekar with the consistency, Cameron with the threat of fireworks.  And there’s the Aussie 100, super paddle down to the boundary for 4.  Marsh finishes with a full toss.  Ouch,

14th Over – Australia – 92/2

Shrubsole back in and immediately concedes two wides off Sthalekar’s hip.  This is a quandry for Charlotte Edwards.  England playing a field which is neither defensive nor attacking and Australia just playing this through comfortably enough at present.

13th Over – Australia – 85/2

Hazell maintaining her place in the attack, this will be her last over of the tournament.  Australia purring along a little bit and Sthalekar has just pulled out a delightful pull to the boundary for four.  This is fast becoming an expensive over from Danielle Hazell.  Australia’s work in between the wicket has been brilliant today, some really quick running keeping the accumulation of runs high.

Hazell finished for the day, she’s been very, very good.

12th Over – Australia – 76/2

Danielle Wyatt back in now.  Her first over was poor, ceding 8 runs over the course.  Field has come up massively in the last two overs, Charlotte Edwards trying to pressure the new Australian pairing.  This is loose from Wyatt and not as pacey as she can manage, Nasser Hussain isn’t impressed.  Six from the over.

11th Over – Australia – 70/2

I do wish they’d stop playing this dreadful music in between overs.  The Sportist – focussing on the major issues, as ever.

WICKET!!  Danielle Hazell back into the attack and she’s cleaned Alyssa Healy up, clean bowled with an utter beauty.  It moved quickly, got through the Australian’s defence and took the bails clean off.  England needed that.

Lisa Sthalekar in at four.  We picked her out as the one to watch for Australia in this tournament, let’s see what she can do.  Almost a wicket-maiden for Hazell, but Sthalekar takes a smart one from the penultimate and Cameron follows the deal from the last ball.  Good over.

10th Over – Australia – 68/1

Another boundary for the Australians, pushed down to the boundary by Jess Cameron.  Still Laura Marsh probes and pressures, she’s looked England’s biggest threat by quite some distance this morning, but another boundary straight down the wicket from the fifth ball of the over brings Cameron’s strike rate to 100.00 and Australia’s run rate to 6.80.

9th Over – Australia – 60/1

Sticking with Holly Colvin who’s certainly tightened the England bowling up from the first couple of overs.  Runs still coming consistently and a run rate of over 6.5 though.

8th Over – Australia – 54/1

More bowling changes as Laura Marsh comes in to bowl her right arm twirlers into the new bat.  Really delightful, tight over from Marsh and so, so close to a wicket!  Tempted Healy into a big pull through the leg side but just wouldn’t carry to Shrubsole.  Two from the over.  Super work by Marsh.

7th Over – Australia – 52-1

Holly Colvin in to the bowling attack, but the runs still flowing with Lanning and Healy mixing big hits with exceptional running in between the wickets.  Consistent flow of runs and England need to do something to arrest it.

WICKET!  What were we saying?!  Lanning caught & bowled by Colvin, a rank chip straight into the bowler’s hands.  Breakthrough!

Jess Cameron in to face the final ball of Colvin’s over and she picks up where Lanning left off, clipping one through the leg side.  Game’s on.

6th Over – Australia – 47/0

Another boundary from Healy as she pivots and pulls through the leg side for four runs.  Anya Shrubsole is into the attack as Charlotte Edwards desperately tries to find a way to break – or even slow – this opening partnership from the Australians.  Lanning and Healy currently scoring at strike rates of well over 100, England have a lot of work to do.  England reach the end of the batting powerplay in far from great shape.

5th Over – Australia – 40/0

It’s turning!  Wyatt into the attack to try and change things up a bit and her second ball turns very, very wide from the crease.  Healy reading the flight of the ball superbly and creams one through the offside.  Healy and Lanning are timing this superbly in the early stages of the match, England not pressuring the Aussie openers at all.

4th Over – Australia – 32/0

Muted LBW appeal from the first ball of Hazell’s over, followed by a delightful late cut towards the boundary.  What were we saying about a slow pitch?  This is moving.  Super leg side sweep to the boundary from the last ball of the over.  Australia scoring swiftly.

3rd Over – Australia 26/0

No ball and a boundary from Katherine Brunt’s first ball of the over, Meg Lanning gobbling it up with no hesitation.  And from the free hit, another boundary over the top of the field – Lanning and Healy coming out to try and dominate this England attack from the off.  Brunt looking a little uncomfortable against these two, not really testing the Aussie pairing just as yet.  Super final ball pull to the boundary, expensive over for England.

2nd Over – Australia 10/0

6 runs off the second over from Danielle Hazell, the first from a hugely uncharacteristic misfield from England’s Anya Shrubshole.  Some nerves?  Looks a bit like it.  Australia 10/0

1st Over

Brunt to open the bowling and comes close with the second delivery, Aussie slip falling just away from the slip cordon.  One cracking boundary through the off side is the only score of the first over.  Cagey beginnings.


Oh god, we’re running late aren’t we?  Not tech gremlins this time.  Sleep gremlins.  We’ll do our best to be on form for this, but we might not quite reach the end – what sort of fool agrees to work on a T20 Final Sunday?!

A quick pre-match stat for you – out of both the men’s and women’s T20 World Cups in 2012, England Women are the only team to go unbeaten through an entire tournament.  And they’ve done it with a wholly unchanged side.  How’s that for consistency?

England win the toss and choose to bowl first.  Slowish pitch, this one, anything over about a 140/150 looks a big target.

The holders vs. the favourites.  Bring it on!

Image from http://blogs.bettor.com (thanks!)


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