Back on Track – You iz well unfit gal’


I am typing this to you with a can of my housemate’s chickpeas placed length ways between my knees.  In a way this is a huge improvement from the usual packs of ice I have distributed about my person post training for all those aches and pains that serve to remind me I’m getting old, however its also not a great sign as this tin of chickpeas means i’m still very very unfit. (The tin is there to encourage my knees to stay apart (going against everything my mother taught me about being a nice girl) as I don’t have the muscle in my leggy-peggs to control where they’re going once I get tired and try to run)

Before I started training I didn’t think I was that unfit.  I ran four or five times a week and had recently completed a 10km charity run with my mum, as well as walking as much as possible, usually to avoid using London’s joyful public transport system.  However the last few weeks have shown me that in the world of athletics I am the equivalent to one of those people you get on ‘Help I can’t stop eating and now am the size of a house.’ You must have seen it – Channel 5 I think.

Coach Man furthered this suspicion tonight when he announced that everything we are doing now, the drills, the sprint sets, the circuit training, is simply training FOR TRAINING! This isn’t even proper training yet, this is getting us fit enough and moving well and efficiently enough to start proper athletics training in the New Year.  This would be okay if I still wasn’t struggling to breath and get one foot in front of the other after the warm up.  Still, as my mother kindly reminded me earlier, there would have been a time when I started training when I probably would have keeled over half way through the warm up drills, so I guess that’s something.

Going to the track twice a week and then sitting on my bum for the other 5 days isn’t going to cut it anymore, however there’s barely enough hours in the day at the moment to get the life basics done, let alone fit in a few extra training sessions.  I am tempted to make my friends come stand at the track so I can have my gossips and catch ups with them when i’m not running, but even suggesting that to one pal brought about a response that ended in ‘off’.  The kick I get from training and the amount i’m looking forward to possibly competing is keeping me going, but a work/life balance needs to be sorted out asap before my training partners begin to overtake me, let alone my competitors.



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