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I’m not going to lie, I’m still a little bit excited from yesterday’s realisation that we helped make a large publication point out there was a problem with the lack of women in sport.  We don’t for a moment believe that Sport Magazine’s intention of only putting 5 women in their list  of the most powerful figureheads in sport currently was an attempt to highlight the under representation of ovaries in the sporting world like they said, personally i’m not sure they even realised what they’d done when they compiled the list and then had to cover up their fault, however they felt so inclined to make a comment and we felt we won a very small victory.  A very very small one.

However, nothing makes me feel like we’re making an impact like the emails I have begun receiving from my sports loving father.  Now don’t for a minute get the wrong impression, Daddy Q is no sexist, however he is a traditionalist and brought up in a world where men played men’s sport (rugby, football, boxing etc) and women played women’s sport (tennis, netball, jam making).  Yet recently the tides have changed for DQ and I am now beginning to find emails appearing in my inbox from him with links to articles about women’s sport. And not just the women’s sport women should play.  There’s been articles on the general lack of support for women’s sport, on women’s rowing and most recently on women’s football.

One such recent email contained a link to an interview with 470 Silver medalist Hannah Mills reporting on her hope that London 2012 had inspired more women to get involved in sailing.  This report came from the Extreme Sailing Championships in Nice where Mills is one of only about 5 women taking part in the 10 crew race, something she hopes to see change over the next few years.

During my last visit home, Daddy Q even settled down with me to watch the England Women’s football squad take on France.  Although he tutted at some of the mess ups that cost England the game and did fall asleep during the halftime match dissection  he stayed awake the rest of the match and, thanks to a beautiful cross from Yankey and powerful smash into the corner of the net by Houghton, did sit up and take notice.  However I knew things were definitely on the turn for women’s sport in my father’s eyes, when, as the whistle went for full time, he stretched, picked up his tea cup and made this groundbreaking comment before leaving the room; ‘That wasn’t bad.’

Yes my friends, the future is bright.


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