Back on Track – getting your head into the right game

I apologise to all ‘Back on Track’ fans (I know you’re out there) for the lack of an update last night, however, to put things lightly, I was having a bad day. As much as I have tried to avoid it, unfortunately to be able to live in the manner to which i’ve become accustomed to I have to work and just like everyone else’s place of employment, things can get stressful and you can have days where you would be quite happy for an explosion to detonate and wipe out the entire place.  I was having one of those days.

I will attempt however to take the positives from yesterday and treat it as a learning curve.  It taught me how much athletics is a mental process as well as a physical one, as I found out when I attempted to run last night.  I’ve been so busy concentrating on getting physically prepared for training, I’ve completely forgotten the psychological preparations.  It was the first evening since i’ve been back at training that i’d been indifferent to going down to the track, however I hoped that an hour of 300m sprints would clear my mind and let me leave the world of work behind me.  It didn’t.

It turns out that my brain did not want to turn off at all and consequently my body was transferring all its energy stores into unnecessary fretting and not to my legs and arms.  I just about managed drills, but when the time came to begin sprint training it all kind of fell apart with the first 100m of the 300m I ran being a full blown battle in my head between the sensible part of me that wanted to train and the worrying, angry part of me that wouldn’t leave the office.  Seriously, you could have recorded it and inserted it into a soap opera or something.  Needless to say, the training voice lost out and the moment the run became even slightly hard work I stopped.  And then cried like a baby.

I’d like to say I sorted myself out, toughed it out and carried on training, however it wasn’t going to happen this time.  Instead I blubbed to Coach man, packed up my stuff and headed home feeling thoroughly defeated.

Still, there’s always Thursday’s training to redeem myself…



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