Back on Track – Competitive Yoga

So if there’s one thing I really need to work on currently its getting some strength and flexibility into my system. Although I’m finally beginning to get some muscle, its all still a bit wishy washy and as for flexibility, I’m sure I’ve seen mummies in the British Museum more limber than me.   I’ve bought the dumbbells  but so far my work out with them has consisted of moving them from the front door to the lounge and then tucking them behind the sofa to gather dust.   Something else I could also do with is chilling the hell out, so, on reading this post by Mummy Q the other day I suddenly saw all my problems solved in just 4 letters – YOGA.

Yoga works to strengthen both the body and the hair-brained mind, so that first Sunday morning off I trotted equipped with comfy trousers and the expectation of zen-like calm.  I soon realised this may not be the case as the room that plays host to the class in my council run gym also doubles as a crèche, so the first part of the session was spent putting away toys and pushing back the table tennis tables.  However soon we were all set and ready to go, each attendee lying on their yoga mat like giants on their own little island, trying to ignore the under 13’s football match that was going on directly outside.

Now in general life I wouldn’t say I’m a competitive person.  I let bosses and colleagues walk all over me, I can’t be bothered to push for a seat on the tube and will not fight anyone for the last loaf of bread in the shop.  Yet, get me onto a track, give me a hockey stick or generally tell me its a game and its a little bit like invasion of the body snatchers.  I do not like to lose. At. ALL.  Let’s now go back to the yoga session where one of the first things you are told before the class begins is that if you find yourself in any pain or unable to do the exercise you should stop and do an easier version and you can see where this is going.

The popularity of yoga is quite largely to do with the fact that it isn’t competitive at all.  You do what you are able to do and set your own pace…unless of course you are me.  I don’t know what came over me, but, regardless of the fact this was my first proper yoga class in about 5 years I decided I would do ALL the stretches. And further than other people could. And try to hold them longer until eventually I was pretty much told off by the instructor. Apparently the aim of Yoga isn’t to be a shaking mess by the end of it…




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