So, after being caught in two rainstorms on the back of a horse who was none to pleased to be out in such weather, I am finally home, dry and surrounded by the cream of the UK’s newspaper crop.  Or at least the sport sections.  There’s the slating of Robshaw’s decision yesterday (a bad one, but not the worst ever made as the papers would have you believe), Benitez’s aim to get the best out of Torres and all the cricket news from India, but what about the women who have spent this weekend out on the field, pitch and court in this horrible weather?  Well let us begin….

Sunday Mirror

With the Sunday Mirror’s 20 page football pull out special as well as the majority of their sports section being dominated by the sport I am henceforth renaming The Mirror ‘The Football (and a little bit of news and stuff)’.  Anyway, as is becoming routine with the paper, there is the usual 200 worder in the footie pull out bit on the women’s game, this week reporting on Manchester City Ladies and the support they’ve had from the men’s squad since the men’s club took them over in the summer.  The report also points out that with the full backing of the Etihad Stadium since the summer, the women’s team is now having their best season ever.  Funny that, with good coaching and access to the same training facilities as their male counterparts, the women’s squad is suddenly within two points of league leaders Sunderland…

Within the paper itself there’s also a small part on personal fave JEnnis and her aim to become one of only four women ever to break the 7000 point mark in the heptathlon and that’s your lot.  Which for the Mirror is quite an achievement.

The Sunday Telegraph

A paragraph on Allyson Felix winning ‘World Athlete of the Year’ after her Olympic medals in the 200m, 4×100 and 4×400 victories as The International Association of Athletics Federation opted for the American sprinter over Team GB JEnnis.  Its not much, but its a massive improvement on the last few weeks of deftly silence from The STel on women’s sport…

The Observer

Usually one to get involved with women’s sport, the Observer this weekend is quite quiet on the gender equality side.  There is a brilliant feature  by the awesome Amy Lawrenceon the work Benitez has cut out for him at Chelsea and a small bit on Hannah Cockroft’s Celebrity Mastermind début  (her specialist subject is Mcfly) but not the usual feature or report we have come to expect from The Observer.  On the back page the ‘After the Games’ section does have some good news, with England’s hockey’s ‘Give it a Go’ campaign reporting an increase of 23,000 participants.  Team GB’s top female goal scorer Alex Danson is also quoted, saying how her own club Reading has been inundated with new members since London 2012.

The Mail on Sunday

Not a regular feature on the paper round up because although we strive for media coverage for women’s sport, we also don’t like beating our heads against brick walls.  But low, on page 17 there is an ACTUAL article half about women’s sport with an ACTUAL photo of women celebrating sporting victory.  Because if there’s one thing Mail readers like, its golf.  In fact they like golf so much the Mail has set up its own competition ‘The National Club Classic’ which will even let women play in too.  From reading this article it turns out that the tournament has just happened, with Sundridge Park women’s team beating Ellesborough to the top spot and Willow Valley taking a respectable 3rd place.

The Independent on Sunday

Two mentions of women’s football on adjoining pages in the Indy today has got me a little bit over excited to say the least.  There’s news of the exodus at Everton of  two of their biggest players, Fara Williams and Natasha Dowie, along with their manager Mo Marley to the Liverpool camp (with the rather unnecessary addition of a comment from Jill Scott stating that she won’t be able to be friends with Williams now that she’s left the squad) and a full page feature on Eniola and Sone Aluko, the sister and brother who play for two different national sides.  There’s also a mention in the ‘Inside Lines’ column about Pendles and the fact that although her gold medal winning bike has been sold off, she’s been given a new one…phew, was beginning to worry then.

The Sunday Times

After failing to mention the Friday night  England vs. New Zealand women’s rugby match yesterday, despite having a whole feature on England captain Katy McLean in Friday’s paper, it’s good to see the ST finally reporting on it, all be it a day or two late. However as far as I can see that’s it for the ST’s contribution this week, not the greatest show for a newspaper that prides itself on running the ‘Sports Woman of the Year’ awards.

P.S If you have any copies of the above papers and have found stories we haven’t spotted please let us know!


Images from http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2012/nov and http://www.evertonfc.com/news/archive (thanks!)


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