Back on Track – Self Motivation


If there’s something I really don’t have a lot of in life, its self motivation.  If given the option of what I’d like to do with my day I would probably go with sleeping.  Take yesterday for example, with an afternoon off work for a hospital appointment I ended up at home a little bit earlier than usual, however instead of using that time to hit the gym (or sort out my finances or do some online Christmas shopping or sign up for this course I’ve spent the last few months talking about)  I instead found myself curled up under my duvet where I stayed in peaceful slumber until the last possible moment before going to meet my sister for dinner.

So, with the knowledge that coach man wasn’t going to be at training this evening  but that I was still expected to do some 200m sets (only 6 this evening, he’s going easy on me after the illness last week) I was left with the struggle to find the self motivation.  I quite often have to run my training sessions on my own as different people want to do different things and I find that hard enough however its a lot easier with a coach yelling at you to keep going.  Take away the yells and threats and all of a sudden you are just one person on a track with only yourself to keep you going.

I was actually starting to get into a bit of a panic, dragging out my drills for longer than usual to avoid the inevitable runs.  Never once did it cross my mind not to do them, its more the disappointment I’d feel in myself if I didn’t do them all or stopped each one half way through and the complete lack of focus I currently have to think about one thing for more than about 10 seconds.  Luckily however I was to be saved, or at least for half of it, as the junior group were pounding through a ridiculous number of 200ms in their training and allowed me to tag onto the end of their runs for their final few (they begin earlier than my group and hadn’t spent half an hour doing extra drills to avoid running).  Its good to know that kids half my age who had already done more 200m than my entire training session required were still kicking my ass the whole way round, however having a group to run with definitely helped get myself in gear and meant that once they finished I finally managed to psyche myself up and finish my session on my own.  Just about.



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