BBC Sports personality of the year

The race has begun for the cream of the crop in today’s sporting world, with BBC Sports Personality of the Year award taking place in December.

The BBC is trying to make amends to all woman kind after male overload last year- leading to “MAN-GATE”

Last year the all-male list did not go down well with the fairer sex, with the lack of female sporting heroes present.

2011’s awards brought controversial drama when British swimmers, Keri-Anne Payne and Rebecca Adlington won gold medals in the World Championships but neither of them made the cut.

Hopefully with the success of 2012’s sporting year, this could all change. The list this year has risen from 10-12, giving more room for the female athletes to be represented.

The female hopefuls are, Nicola Adams, Jessica Ennis, Sarah Storey, Ellie Simmonds and Katherine Grainger, with Gold medallist Ennis looking to secure the position as Queen Bee.

Olympic gold medalist  Nicola Adams said: “I didn’t expect to be nominated, let along make the short list. There are so many big names on the list, and so many others who didn’t make it, that I am just happy to be part of it.

“I have watched Sports Personality of the Year for years and I never once thought I would be part of it. I would have been happy enough with my gold medal. Everything that is happening now is just a bonus.”

The voting system for appointing and selecting contenders has changed in order to make the process more accessible to great female athletes.

Sue Tibballs, Chief Executive of the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation, said, “We welcome decision to review the nomination process. The huge public outcry has hammered home the point that women’s sport has a far greater fan base than the media often gives it credit for, hopefully now we’ll see a new process that fully reflects the full breadth of excellence in British sport.”

Only 10 women have won the crowning glory in the 57 years that it has been held, 3 of which since the turn of this century.

The last woman to win was Zara Phillips in 2006 with Kelly Holmes in 2004, and Paula Radcliffe in 2002. Only 13 of the 57 recipients have been female in the history of the vote.

The lack of Women nominated for the Sports Personality of the Year award over the years comes back to the age old argument of women in sports.

The lack of media attention for women’s sports as a whole is something which must be review in order break free from the male dominate arena, especially in light of the great female success of 2012 Olympics.

As the Spice Girls say “Girl Power”

-Emma Swan


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