Back on Track – It’s cold outside


Do you know what I don’t like? Freezing fog.  I especially don’t like freezing fog when I am trying to run around in it, a sentiment cemented for me this evening whilst at training.

I’m not a winter girl.  I don’t get all romantic about the cold winters; frost on the trees glimmering like silver in the pale early morning light, rosy red cheeks on the faces of laughing children as Jack Frost nips about them, crisp clear days and starry nights, in my world its four month absence of proper day light (and if the sun does some up the effect it has is like being slapped by a very limp handshake), pasty white skin and chills that get into your bones, nestle there and don’t leave for days.  The only time I enjoy winter is when the snow comes out and that’s only so long as I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything in it.  However, despite all this you will still find me twice weekly stalking around the track.

I have to admit that even I thought my enthusiasm and motivation would dip when the winter cold set in, yet oddly I seem to be persevering.  Obviously I am persevering whilst wearing so many layers I can barely bend my limbs, but I’m still out there, along with many others.   Even when half the track is icing over and its a health and safety hazard to run on it, I am amazed at the amount of people still coming down to training.  However the enthusiasm of the club members combined with a half frozen track and the added joy this evening of freezing fog has made for one of two interesting training sessions of late.  You see with half the track not really usable, our quiet back corner had been invaded and all of a sudden it has become a military operation to claim a lane.  From the erratic under 12s who like occasionally to keep everyone else on their toes with their sudden change of heart as to the lane they want to run in, to the senior team sprinters who tank through and will take out any who dare cross their path, the whole club are slowly becoming more pinned in to 200m of track and 8 lanes.  As you can imagine, tensions are running high, runs are being disrupted and shouts of ‘TRACK’ by oncoming runners can be heard throughout the park.

Throw into the above mix a freezing fog that not only makes it impossible to inhale properly for fear of icing up your insides but also limits your vision to about 10m ahead of you and you can only imagine the fun and games to be had on a small space of red gravel.  On the plus side however it does also give you more time to recover as you wait for your lane to become vacant or at least for someone smaller and easier to bowl over to be in your way.



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