Women’s sport vs. the media – Weekly newspaper roundup

mosaic 16th december 2012

So, after getting distracted in my paper review today by the horrific reports coming out of Newtown, Connecticut and wondering how many more innocent children need to be gunned down before the USA sort out their ridiculous gun ownership laws, I’ve finally sat down to get on with the sports round-up.  And here’s the results…

The Sunday Mirror

It still never ceases to amaze me on how much the SM can find to write about football EVERY WEEK.  Still at least in recent weeks this epic barrage of football reporting has included a very small piece on the women’s game making it pretty much a regular feature in it’s Football supplement pull out. (fingers crossed).  Even if the piece itself is about 100 words, it is still a vast improvement on some of the paper’s competitors and makes the story the norm.  This week SM reports on a relegation threatened Portsmouth’s upcoming game against the unbeaten Sunderland.  Normal reporting about a game, despite the gender, who’d have thunk it?!

Tonight is also SPORTS PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR night on the ol’ BBC so, in case anyone hasn’t been aware of the upcoming celebration of sporting achievement, every paper is full of reports, recaps and rundowns of the competitors and competition.  The SM are no different, with their money being on the fantastic JEnnis to bring home the prestigious prize ahead of bookies favourite, Wiggins.

The SM also has a NIB on Hannah Miley’s second bronze medal of the World Short-Course Championships, whilst Terry Butcher applauds Clare Balding’s presenting during London 2012 and calls for her to win the SPOTY prize this year instead!

The Sunday Times

I thought I was going to have to get angry with the Sunday Times for forgetting women can play sport, however all was saved when I got to page 12 and found some articles about those with XX chromosomes. My anger was then deflected towards UK Sport instead who are threatening to cut funding for a lot of sports on Tuesday, including sitting volleyball, the lifeline for 7/7 bombing survivor Martine Wright.  Wright’s was one of the most high profile stories pre Paralympics, sitting three feet away from the suicide bomber when he detonated his backpack bomb in 2005 and loosing both legs, fracturing her skull and almost bleeding to death.  The VT about her ordeal and recovery through her sport began the 2012 opening ceremony, however without funding from UK Sport the chances of sitting volleyball continuing on to Rio 2016 is looking very unlikely.

There’s also a full page article on the awesome Sarah Storey and her bid for Sports Personality of the Year (she’s now the most decorated Paralympian ever) as well as another run down of the other contenders and why they’re on the list!

The Independent on Sunday

The Independent sports office were obviously having a bit of a slow news day as, after pages on football, rugby, cricket, more football and Saracens’ new artificial pitch there’s a piece on our lack of figure skaters in Team GB and the ‘Anti Sports Personality of the Year‘.  Which is about as close as the Indie come to reporting on women’s sport this week. Poor show Independent, poor show.

The Sunday Telegraph

And so on to the STel.  Not a particular fan of women’s sport usually (‘Women? Playing sport? Not in the kitchen? Not on my watch‘) they do go as far as showcasing all the Sports Personality of the Year winners, including the ‘ovary challenged’ nominees.   The whole office then probably had to go and have a sit down and reflect on what they had just done.

The Observer

Well the front page of the Observer sports section leaves you in no doubt that SPOTY is going to feature and with its own double page spread and some particularly touching reports on why each nominee should win written by those closest to the athletes, its a very slick and very nostaligic recap of tonight’s competition.  There’s also a feature piece on Katherine Grainger on why she is happy enough with her Olympic gold medal not to worry about winning SPOTY (did you also know she’s currently working on a PhD in homicide?) and further mention of Hannah Miley’s second bronze medal.


Most images already credited but new ones from http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/martine-wright and http://pulse2.com/2012/08/24/mckayla-maroney-not-impressed-meme/ (thanks!)


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