Back on Track – Back in Bed


As that ol’ phrase goes, my wheel has finally fallen off.   I’ve notice that, after months of chugging along quite nicely, the wheel had been starting to get a bit wobbly, however this final week in the countdown to the Christmas break has seen it fly off and roll under a hedge somewhere.

So instead of my usual mission down to the track, I got off the train two stops early post work, headed to the warmth of my house and pulled my jammies on.  There’s no ‘Back on Track’ to report this week folks.

However this is not the start of the decline back into laziness.  There’s still Thursday’s training, along with the training programme I’ve got to introduce into my life starting next week (in between Christmas eating sessions). This is just a short blip so that I can find a spanner and get this wheel fixed back in place.




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