Sporting Moments of 2012 – The Countdown


2012 was (is) no ordinary year.  With a whole year of sporting excellence we’ve decided to focus on what we think are the top highlights for women’s sport in 2012.  This is by no means an easy task and trying to filter down the year’s sporting activity into just five standout moments has lead to arguments  debate and at least one major cop-out on our side (you’ll see when we reach number 2 in the countdown).  There’s obviously also in this stellar sporting year a whole host of outstanding achievements which we just couldn’t manage to get into the list, no matter how hard we tried.

As we’ve already said there were disagreements in Sportist Towers over what should and shouldn’t gain inclusion – we’ve no doubt that there will be disagreement over what we ultimately have included.  We’ll be running the countdown between now and New Year’s Day, but as ever we genuinely want to hear your own lists.  Entries in the comments box below, by email to or via twitter on @sportistblog are more than welcome.  Now, let’s see how we think this year ran down for women in sport.

CS and FQ

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