Why We’re Looking Forward To…

…the FA WSL 2013


The FAWSL 2013?  Sounds like a military installation…

It sure does, but you can be fairly sure this is one set of initials that won’t be playing out over the military airwaves this year.

Snappily titled it may not be, but the Football Association Women’s Super League Two Thousand and Thirteen is a bit too much of a mouthful for the average punter.  Besides, it would cost a fortune in trophy engravings.

Oh, so it’s football then?

It sure is – it’s the elite women’s club football league within England, and has enjoyed a huge amount of success since it launched in 2011.  By increasing commercial revenue and funding amongst the teams, it’s helped to stop the drain of top women’s football talent to other leagues, including those in the US.

Isn’t it halfway through the football season by now?

It would have been a couple of years ago and it still is for the Women’s Premier League, but given the amount of cancellations that poor weather conditions were causing as well as the inevitable clashes with the bloated men’s leagues, the WSL opted to introduce a spring/summer league.

How’s the standard?

Well – take a look for yourself. 

Okay, it looks good.  Where can I watch it?

Go in person – each club has incredibly affordable tickets (2011 and 2012 champions Arsenal can be seen in North London for a fiver) and gives an exceptionally high quality of football and some normally pretty decent crowds.  If the in person thing isn’t your cup of tea, ESPN has a dedicated commercial deal including a Monday night highlights show.

And this has stopped the US stealing all the best talent, you say?

Well…not quite.  It’s done a pretty decent job, though, helped by the collapse of the WPS early in 2012.  With the launch of the new NWSL for 2013, Arsenal Ladies have already lost head coach Laura Harvey to Seattle Reign and it’s going to be interesting to see how the WSL holds on if the NWSL proves a success.

FAWSL, NWSL, WPS, ESPN…I’m confused…

Yeah, us too.  Don’t worry about it.

But the FAWSL is the Women’s Premier League, right? 

No, no…it’s effectively above the Premier League in the footballing pyramid, but with no promotions or relegations until the WSL 2 is introduced probably next year.

But surely the Premier League is the top lea…

Look, we know it’s confusing.  Just trust us on this one.

The FA Women’s Super League will kick off in Spring 2013 with fixtures to be announced shortly.  We’ll bring you full build up and information nearer the time.



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