Why we’re looking forward to…

…The ICC Women’s World Cup 2013

 wwc 2013


Hang on, hang on – women’s cricket World Cup…wasn’t that a 2012 thing?

No, no, that was the Twenty20 version; this is the 50 over flavour.


So it’s basically a longer version of last year’s CWC then?

If it’s easier to think of it like that, sure.  Only with 8 teams instead of 12.  And a group stage followed by a round robin stage with the top two teams qualifying for the final.  Not confusing at all.


Will England be there?

They certainly will and, as in the Twenty20, they’ll be led out by Charlotte Edwards in a group also containing India, the West Indies and Sri Lanka.


What’s the competition like?

Fierce, and even though Australia, England and New Zealand are the only three nations to have won the tournament, India made the final in 2005 suggesting there’s a decent chance that it’s going to come down to a hyper-competitive round robin stage.


Do England have a hope?

Well, they are the holders, having beaten New Zealand by 4 wickets in the 2009 final in Sydney.


England vs New Zealand in the final in Sydney?  That must have hurt.

Yeah, we’re not sure the Aussies took it all that well and the five-time champions will be heavily tipped when the tournament begins at the end of January.


And you’re definitely not just recycling material from last year?

Ouch, that hurts.  But no, we’re absolutely not.  And you’ll be able to see it broadcast live on Sky Sports and listen to it on Radio 5 Live from 31st January.



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