Back on Track – New Year’s Resolutions


It’s all gone a bit pear shaped (literally) at Back on track HQ.  Thanks to a succession of illnesses, rain, Christmas and my own complete laziness I hate to admit that I haven’t been training for nearly a month now.  All that good work is starting to unravel.  It wasn’t like I’ve gone out the way not to get to training, the club hasn’t been on over Christmas for two weeks and in between that I’ve managed to pick up every lurgy going, still on the days where I was well and more than capable of pulling on my trainers and going out for a jog, I instead looked out the window, saw the rain and decided to stay on the warm sofa where I quite happily was.  These are the actions of any sane person yes, but after attempting a sprint session in freezing fog a few weeks ago its quite obvious I have been pushed out of that classification and therefore should have been lycraed up, att’am and ready to go, not sat chain eating Quality Streets whilst watching ‘Room on a Broom’.  Not even watching my Olympic DVD box set(whilst setting about the tub of Roses Chocolates) could inspire me.

BUT NO MORE I CRY!  This is 2013 and I have found my motivation.  Because, whilst lying in my sick bed the other day I came to the realisation that this could perhaps be the only year I have the freedom to have a go at competing in something I love and NOTHING will motivate  you more than the thought of it all being taken away from you soon.  I’m not expecting Commonwealth Games call up (doesn’t mean I don’t dream about it), I’m barely sure my club will let me compete for them, but I love my track, I love my training and I really really love jumping into sand.

Let the games begin.



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