Back on Track – Back to the start

wooden man

Bare in mind how ridiculously cold it is currently. Remember the snow that’s settling round the UK?  The icy winds? Everyone currently walking at a very speedy skip to avoid spending too long outside in the cold?  Well, not only did I get the joy of  training in such climates, but am now, to add insult to injury (literally),  sat with ice on my calf muscles.  A mixture of the freezing weather and my own drastic levels of unfitness have left me this evening with calf muscles as solid and flexible as rock which in turn is now causing me a) pain and b) the ability to walk properly.  So ice it is. Cold, cold ice on my achey achey legs.

To be fair, I’m actually very satisfied with today’s training. Yes, I didn’t manage to even complete 4 x 200m’s (with a 100m walk in between) where as before Christmas I was easily managing 7 or more in a session, but  before Christmas I also hadn’t just spent a month alternating between being sick in bed and hiding on the sofa to avoid the rain. So on that note the fact I managed to run 1x200m was quite a shock. Sometimes I surprise myself.

The time left a little to be desired – the first 200m, being done at a bit of a self preservation pace with added seconds for girly arm flapping as my training partner and I hit an icy patch on the track, came in at 13 seconds slower that I used to run it back in the day.  13 seconds.  Usain Bolt could have run a 100m, finished and probably be recovered in that time.  Still, things did start to speed up, and then rapidly slow down again.  Being unfit is a bit of a pain really.

So fingers crossed for no snow for the rest of this week as I have a horrid feeling Coach Man will have us out in it regardless!


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