Why We’re Looking Forward To…

Laura Robson

…the [rest of] the Australian Open

Australian Open?  Is that a reworking of the Visa guidelines?

Hardly.  It’s the year’s first tennis major & represents the first opportunity to see how the early year form looks.  That’s the Fascination of the Aussie Open.

Oh, okay.  When does it start?



Okay, it started in the early hours of yesterday morning.  We forgot to write something about it.  We’re ashamed.  Heathens that we are.

It’s only Day 1, though.  You can’t have missed anything that important, right?

Well, not apart from Maria Sharapova blasting through in a double-donut, and Future Legend Heather Watson battling back from the brink to defeat Alexandra Cadantu 2-6 6-3 6-2 yesterday, while Laura Robson made it through to the second round this morning.

So, actually, you missed loads then?

Can we just Move On please?

Hey, I’m asking the questions here.  What’s the British interest like?

Well, it’s the wonderful Ms Watson and Ms Robson who are flying the British flag.   Robson opened her tournament against the Young American Melanie Oudin this morning, with a straightforward 6-2 6-3 victory.

What are their chances?

Both women became British Tennis Heroes last year with a WTA Final (Robson) and Title (Watson), respective firsts for British women’s tennis in either player’s lifetime.  Robson’s projected draw is monstrous, though, with former-Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova up next and Watson’s isn’t much better, with seed-defeating qualifier Kazak Ksenia Pervak her 2nd round opponent.

Could they win the whole thing?

Let’s keep expectations grounded here.  It’s unlikely, though nothing’s impossible in the women’s tennis tour.  If either made a quarter final, then really these might be the beginning of some Golden Years for British Women’s Tennis.

Riiiiight….are you just throwing in David Bowie song titles here?


The Australian Open is being broadcast on Sky Sports and Euro Sport.


Image from: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport – Thanks!!


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