Back On Track – At least I came prepared

Not today

I could see this week’s blog shaping up to be a repeat of last week’s and the week before and the week before that.  By this I mean that, what  with the whole snow thing going on at the moment, I could imagine another post about how ridiculously cold it is and how training in this weather leaves you unable to inhale properly until you are blue in the face from both the freezing temperatures and asphyxiation.  

Not today, I cried as this realisation hit me and, leaping from my desk I set off to spend my lunch break in the only place I seem to shop in, M&S.  Half an hour later I returned feeling like a winner, beaming with pride at my new thermal vest lunchtime purchase.

Therefore this evening I headed to the track wearing 6 layers of clothing on my top half (and a coat, scarf and gloves) and two pairs of trousers, ready for an hour of pyramids, time trials, strengthening or whatever else Coach Man had in store.  No more complaining about the cold for me, the masses of layers may have restricted my movement, but I was most definitely snug as a bug.  I’d also spent the entire day looking forward to training and was determined to work hard, even if it meant running 200m’s in a long smart work coat.

Heading towards the track I prepared myself, trying to block out the biting cold and concentrate on the endorphin hit I was about to have.  It didn’t matter that I was beginning to loose feeling in my fingers, I was going to get my run on.  So needless to say I wasn’t entirely prepared for a deserted club house and eerie white blanket over what should usually be an athletics park when I went through the gate into the track.  Turns out it didn’t even occur to me that the snow may have covered the track and registered it unusable until further notice or that maybe the coaches didn’t want to be stood out in the chilly climates freezing their noonahs off or that maybe it wouldn’t comply with health and safety to have people going flat out on patches of black ice.  It also turns out that maybe I’m not on the athletic club’s emailing list…


Image from (who has run in the snow!)


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