Back on Track – A favourite day


I know I’m not meant to pick favourites with training, it’s not particularly great for the mindset because it means you begin to dislike some sessions and resent them when they come about.  Which is also why you shouldn’t pick a favourite child from your offspring either. Anyway, I shouldn’t pick favourites, but I have and currently today’s training session is top of the podium.  ‘Why?’ I hear you ask ‘what makes tonight any different from the surplus other times you have run around a track?’ and I shall answer you simply.  It was my favourite because I didn’t have to run around a track.
Today’s session was about getting technique sorted both in the pit and on the track, so consisted of 3 jumps focusing on where your arms and legs are going, followed by 3 x 50m strides, again focusing on where your arms and legs are going.  (Just to clarify, they go in different places depending on whether you’re running or jumping.) Then a repeat of the above until Coach Man decides you look tired enough.  And the reason I loved it so?  Because I must have in total easily run as far as I usually do, but in short bursts and then got to do something COMPLETELY different (which, yes, became the same different once i’d gone through the set once, but was enough variation to keep me occupied).

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been struggling recently.  Try as I might, I seem to have lost a lot of focus and am instead getting a leeeeeetle bit bored if made to do the same exercise for more than about 10mins.  I don’t even have that short an attention span, but at the moment i’ve gone a little bit A.D.D.  Even spending an hour compiling a new playlist of funky upbeat chooooons at the weekend wasn’t enough to keep me running when the pain began to kick in.  I’m going to 50% blame the weather for this, place 25% on work and take the other 25% to admit that I’m just plain lazy and am letting that side win.  However tonight we may have just cracked the code needed at the moment – short distances, just done multiple times with some variation thrown in for good measure.  I have always enjoyed pick’n’mix I suppose….



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