We love cricket AND Twitter

Twitter bird announceDo you know what we love here at the Sportist? Cricket.   And do you know what we would do if we could? We would sit and watch the whole Women’s Cricket World Cup 2013 and report on every match from opening ball to the last wicket/over depending on which comes first.  Sadly however Team Sportist have these time consuming things called jobs that bare no relation at all to women’s cricket, sport or even blogs for that matter therefore making it near impossible to follow the matches live, let alone write about them.

However all is not lost.  We may not be able to get away with blogging to our heart’s content at work, but using Twitter is a different matter.  There’s lunch, lift journeys between floors, coffee runs and the boss’s toilet breaks that all make opportune moments for a quick bit of tweeting.  So whilst we’ll be updating the blog where we can and reporting back on the World Cup matches at the end of each round, get on over to Twitter – @sportistblog is where you’ll find us #funtimes #womeninsport.



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