Fighting the Fight



This evening is one of those (extremely) rare occasions where we won’t offer too much an opinion on something.  Nor will we write about sport, per se.  The post-mortems for England’s cricket world cup can wait until the morning.


For tonight, we’ll just write briefly about this evening’s All Party Parliamentary Group meeting on Women in Sport.  Chaired by Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson (who, while it’s easy to forget sometimes really highlighted parasport to us before London 2012 brought it to the masses), the meeting offered genuinely inspirational speeches from Martine Wright and Claire Lomas as well as an overdue and much welcome opportunity to meet some truly dedicated supporters of women’s sport.


There is much to be said of the meeting; Gail Emms’ call for more women coaches; Martine Wright‘s call for legacy to mean more than just the word; Lomas’ tale to act as inspiration for all of us.


But for now, the story should be of one organisation above all others.  WSFF, the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation, not merely the first but also the best supporters of everything women’s sport related.  Organising, lobbying, pressuring, demonstrating, facilitating, supporting – the organisation, no more than a small charity in the greater scheme of things, has achieved an impact far beyond the nature of its resources.


So, this is a thank you to WSFF.  From us and from women’s sport.




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