Women’s Sport vs. the Media – Newspaper Round up

Holly Bleasdale proves her world champion potential

You won’t be surprised to hear that this week many of the Sunday papers are throwing in their 2 cents about the sudden fall from grace of Oscar Pistorius after the shooting of his girlfriend.  Our hearts go out to Reeva Steenkamp’s family and friends at this awful time. Can we also apologise to the family on behalf of ‘newspapers’ like The Sun feeling it’s appropriate to report the tragic  death of someone’s daughter by splashing a picture of them modelling underwear on the front cover of their paper.  We’re really really sorry.

The Sunday Telegraph

I kid you not, I can’t find a single reference to women’s sport in the STel today.  Am I just being blind? Has anyone else found anything at all?  Any reporting on the closing games of the women’s cricket that I’ve missed? Or a mention of the indoor athletics?  There’s a round up of all the men’s 6 Nations rugby so far, but they’ve only played 2 games each currently and there’s been no matches this weekend so there can’t be that much to round up already surely…oh no hang on, I’ve found something. Disguised in an article about Mo Farah’s storming win in the 3000m’s at the 2013 indoor athletics opener this weekend is a bit about pole vaulter extraordinaire  Miss H Bleasdale who is currently leading this year’s world rankings, a position Holly cemented this weekend by beating silver medallist Yarisley Silva. Phew!

The Sunday Times

I do not have the same relationship with the ST as my co-writer does and once again I open the paper to be slightly disappointed with their coverage of women’s sport.  This could be because I have set my hopes high for the paper and therefore have come to expect a lot as this week there  is a good round up article of the women’s world cup, highlighting the ups and downs of the great and the good at this year’s competition, as well as a profile on 15 year old golfing genius Lydia Ko who is currently thrashing her professional rivals at their own game.  There’s also a nice piece on injured 800m athlete Jenny Meadows on her return to the track after one hefty operation on her Achilles heel and almost 2 years away.

The Observer

The Observer, asking female athlete’s their opinion and putting it on the front cover since February 2013.  This may not be factually correct, they may have done this before we began doing the media roundup, however it has definitely happened this weekend with the  front page of the sport’s section reporting on Paula Radcliffe’s slight bafflement that Mo Farah plans to only run half of the London Marathon in May before committing himself fully to the race in 2014.

There’s also a piece on Holly Bleasdale’s pole vaulting triumph this weekend as well as a quick roundup on the final three women team pursuit in Minsk this week before the race is replaced with the four rider, four km format.  There’s also the briefest of brief mention of the Women’s World Cup and that’s your lot.

The Sunday Mirror

Ah the Sunday Football, once again bringing us all the news on possibly every match played in this country over this weekend.  And true to form there is also the short piece on the women’s premier league, this week reporting on the impending (and now pended) Sunderland vs Leeds match. The score will go up on twitter (@Sportistblog) once its been located.

The Independent on Sunday

Two things I have learnt from looking at the sports pages today is that Arsenal aren’t doing very well and that Gareth Bale is apparently the prodigal son.  The Indy also have an interesting article on the value of the Premier League world wide which makes interesting reading, especially when you think the struggle the female players have had recently to get a wage that will actually allow them to afford things like food.

As far as sports reporting on women goes this week there’s a short piece about the path now being clear for Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson to fill the chair at UK Sport when it becomes vacant, if she isn’t also offered the role at Sport England.  There’s also a round up of the indoor athletics yesterday including a photo of the women’s 60m and mention of Bleasdale and Shara Proctor’s wins.  Its also currently all go on the slopes with Mikela Shiffrin becoming the youngest woman in nearly 40 years to win the slalom skiing world title.  She’s 17 and has already won most of the cups and races going this season, so this will be a nice addition to the collection.



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