Women’s Sport vs. the Media – Newspaper Round up


Good morning one and all to the newspaper roundup, our weekly turf through the nations biggest Sunday publications to see just what, if anything, they have to say about women’s sport.    I’d just like to point out before we begin that this week there has been about as much coverage of the legendary Kauto Star in his new role as a dressage horse as there is about women’s sport.  In fact I’m beginning to realise that there’s probably more coverage of horse racing then women’s sport. Perhaps a new feature is needed : Equine vs. lady humans?

The Sunday Telegraph

Considering Holly Bleasdale won the Europen indoor Championships last night in Gottenburg, it takes the STel until page 12 to acknowledge this huge success.  At least they do recognise the achievement though and, after PAGES AND PAGES ON ALL THE FOOTBALL,  file a good report of the goings on at the indoor Euro champions this year, applauding Holly’s brave choice to go into a jump off competition for the gold medal instead of just agreeing to share it with defending champion Anna Rogowska after both achieving the same jump tally in the main competition.

The Observer

Ah trusty Observer, you like to report on women’s sport and all things slightly more liberal don’t you?  Well not this week apparently as once again Bleasdale’s gold medal achievement is relegated to page 15.  Accompanying Holly on the page (that they both share with the remainder of a story on men’s cricket) is an interesting interview with the 15 year old swimming super star Ruta Meilutyte on life post becoming an Olympic gold medallist, showing Lithuanian, Plymouth based Meilutyte as someone far wiser than her 15 years.

Although I mock, there is also a feature on the debate roaring over Jess Ennis’ stadium in Sheffield in the actual news section of the paper.  The Don Valley stadium, where Jess began training at 9 years old is due to be closed by Sheffield City Council due to a lack of funding.

The Sunday Times

Finally, Bleasdale’s (pole) vault to gold medal position gets some airing on the front page as this weeks sport section shows a smiling Holly draped in the Union Jack.  The full story sits on page 13 but is a good half page report on the gold medal achievement.  It also shows the pole vaulting allows for some pretty great actions shots to be taken.

There’s also a preview of Elsie Christie’s assault on the speed skating world title when she hits the ice at the world championships in Hungary this week.  She’s already world No.1 on the 1000m track, double European and World Cup champion, so why not add another gold medal title to the list?

The Mail on Sunday

There was a distinct lack of Sunday Mirrors at my local corner shop this morning, so it was a choice left between The Mail on Sunday, The Express of the Sun.  This felt like the lesser of the evils….just.  I’ll give the Mail something though, it is a handy size for reading in comparison to those bulky broadsheets.

I’m amazed to say that there are some articles about women in sport in this weeks offering.  There’s a bit about Jess Ennis’ coach, although its more about how he received the news he was being sidelined by UK Athletics by text message and less about Jess’ progress post Olympics.  Then there’s the news the new BT Sport channel will not be offering a post to current Sky presenter Georgie Thompson according to those well known voices of authority, the Sources…

Holly Bleasdale also finally comes to the attention of the SM reading public on page 18 with a report on her win and her love of cheesecake.

The Independent on Sunday

The front page of this week’s sports section greets all with a half page picture of Bleasdale’s victory leap to the top of the podium followed by a full page report on Holly’s progress  from her disappointment at London 2012 last summer to her gutsy decision to not share gold and go for broke yesterday afternoon.

The ‘Sport in Brief’ (not the same as the Sun’s ‘News in briefs’) section also reports on the amazing Tina Maze, the 29 year old Slovenian who has just achieved a World Cup points record in the women’s downhill skiing.  I can’t even pretend to know anything about skiing, but the NIB here says that she has won all five disciplines this season, become only the second woman ever to do so and  bagged herself her ninth World Cup victory of the season.  It will probably serve you better to read about it here.

So there you have it.  Other things I’ve learnt from the paper’s this week is that this is a pretty great photo (and some brilliant advertising for Qantas) and that Gareth Bale (the prodigal Son apparently) needs to STOP DOING HEART HANDS.


Image from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/othersports/athletics (thanks!)


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