Back on Track – A change to tonight’s programming

Food of the gods

Yes here we are.  I know you’ve missed Back on Track. I’ve read the emails, I’ve seen the tweets and might I just say that the Facebook campaign ‘Where’s Back on Track? Is Fliss just being lazy’ was very touching…

Back in reality, Back on Track is going to be updating a little less than it did pre Christmas.  This is not because I am being a lazy bum and not going to training but because currently things aren’t changing very much.  Its all pyramids, drills, strengthening and working on running techniques. Also, although I like to pride myself on my ability to string a sentence together, there’s only so many ways I can describe being freezing cold and incredibly unfit.  However, give it a month or so and as the evenings draw out, the work done during drill training on those bitterly cold winter nights becomes apparent and the competitions begin to loom up and I shall be back to share the joy with everyone.  Furthermore, I quite like talking about myself so won’t pass up the opportunity to write about my favourite topic for too long.

I shall leave you with this though.  At today’s training I finally felt things were coming together, I felt full of energy and above all I felt strong.  It’s amazing what a sunny day and porridge for breakfast can do…



Image from (thanks, although totally disagree that ANYTHING, let along 9Bars, could beat porridge. 9Bars interestingly do not contain 9Bars per pack I learnt to my peril recently)


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