A list with(out) balls

Olympics Day 4 - Women's Football - USA v DPR Korea

Last year we got fairly (we’re still saying ‘rightly’) irritated with Sport Magazine when it produced a sports power list with barely any women involved at all.  Misogynism reigns too strong in acknowledgement of power in sport, so it’s fantastic to see a list which seems to have properly recognised the role of women in sport.  For this, we go across the pond and to Sports Illustrated’s 50 Most Powerful People in US Soccer.

The 7 (actually eight, as April Henrichs and Jill Ellis, US Women’s Football’s Technical and Development Directors are considered a dual-ranking) women (and one women’s coach) included in the list cover current, former and future stars, administrative and coaching talent and represent a true cross-section of women’s football talent in the US.

The women (and one notable man) on the list in full:

Alex Morgan (9th)

Hope Solo (13th)

Abby Wambach (22nd)

Tom Sermanni (31st)

Kathy Carter (35th)

Mia Hamm (36th)

April Heinrichs/Jill Ellis (45th)

Cheryl Baker (49th)

And the list can be found here – well worth a read.



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