Column Inches


A brief article for a Thursday evening, but something that needs saying.

Over recent months, The Sportist has looked extensively at the representation of women’s sport in the media.  We’ve called for equality in reporting, equality in focus and an increase of column inches.  We’ve spoken extensively of our belief that reporting of women’s sport should encompass the negative (England’s performance in the Cricket World Cup) as well as the positive (Jess Ennis, our cyclists, our tennis players, our hockey players…basically most of women’s sport in the last twelve months).  What we have not called for is a platform for misogyny or the type of discrimination the wider world moved away from fifty years ago.

Unfortunately, in the darkest depths of East Anglia, the Peterborough Evening Telegraph – and, in particular, Chief Sports ‘Writer’ Alan Swann – maintains an agenda that the national media wouldn’t approach with a six-foot bargepole.  Taking in a dismissal of International Women’s Day, the outdated view that women’s sport is error-ridden and lower quality, a belief that female sportswomen should not earn equal pay and an insistence that the reason for a lack of media coverage for women’s sport is that it is only desired by a minority, it’s an instructive vision of the most outdated, insulting views imaginable.

We’re not linking to the article and we’re saying nothing more on this.  We’ll be back with the media review on Sunday and – shockingly – Alan Swann won’t be involved.

That’s something to be grateful for.



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