Women’s Sport vs The Media – Newspaper round up

Jordan Nobbs

There is the slight possibility this week that I may miss a few articles on women’s sport and I apologise if I unfairly set about any publications for their poor show of support, don’t blame me however, blame the England men’s rugby squad.  Due to the devastating display of the usually great game yesterday in the Millennium Stadium by all those on the pitch wearing white, I’ve spent a lot of this week’s media round up trying to avoid reading stories about the match which does mean I may have missed a few other key stories too, sorry.

The Sunday Mirror

Ah the Sunday Mirror.  I am pretty sure that to write for the Sunday Mirror you actually need to have a PhD in football, because it is only those who have dedicated their life to in depth and detailed study of the game who can produce this much text on it.  Seriously – despite every other Sunday title leading  with the England Vs Wales 6 Nations massacre  The Sunday Mirror leads with football, pages and pages of football.  AND THEN you still have the separate football supplement.  As for mention of women’s sport go, there’s the usual top hand corner 300 worder on the Women’s premier league and that’s your lot.  We know now not to expect better.

The Independent on Sunday

Not a lot in the Indie this week which is disappointing, just a small bit on Jess Ennis winning the Laureus Award for sports woman of the year and how much money she’s set to make with all her upcoming  advertising appearances.  As the article points out however this boost in income will allow Jess to pay her coach Tony Minichello out of her own pocket now that he’s no longer employed by UK Athletics after the partnership refused to up roots and relocate to London or Loughborough from their beloved Sheffield.

The Sunday Telegraph

Between the hallowed pages of this broadsheet there is once again NOTHING on women’s sport.  Actually nothing…pretty shocking STel, pretty damn shocking.

The Observer

Finally a bloody-i-ly, some proper sports reporting on women’s sport.  Tom Clarke fills the bottom half of the final page of reporting on the 6 Nations with a round up of the women’s tournament, focusing on England relinquishing their title for the first time since 2006.  There’s also an interview with Arsenal Ladies and England’s new golden girl, Jordan Nobbs, as she discusses the upcoming season, her life in the sport and growing up with a footballing father. Add to that a short report on a third Russian swimmer being banned for breaching doping regulations and you’ve got the best report of women’s sport this week.

The Sunday Times

Even the ST has struggled this week for content on women’s sport, with their leading report on women in sport being to award Laura Wright with the ‘most defiant’ trophy for her singing the national anthem at the England matches in a strapless frock regardless of the weather.  There’s then a report from Team GB rowing camp as Anna Watkins has decided to take a break to focus on motherhood (not sure a bump would fit in those boats), followed by an interview with the legend that is Sue Campbell as she discusses her last 10 years as head of UK Sport and the future challenge of inspiring children to take part in sport.  And that’s your lot.


image from http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2013 (thanks)


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