Why we love the Stylist


Did you know that the Department of Culture, Media and Sport holds a list of protected events that can be shown on free-to-air TV?  No neither did we until The Stylist (an awesome a free weekly magazine handed out at tube stations to bleary eyed commuters)  started up their petition to get one key women’s sport event onto that list.  This would guarantee that just once a year at least a women’s sporting event would be aired on one of the biggest channels in British broadcasting.

The petition needs 7500 signatures and is well on the way there, but could definitely do with a few more – so go forth and show your support for women’s sport.


For more information on the Stylist’s ‘Fair Game’ campaign have a  look here.



One comment

  1. Re the protected list of events, if memory serves this was a creation of the last Labour government. Some of us however are old enough to remember when the annual women’s hockey international from Wembley was always on ‘World of Sport’, and wonder if there has been much progress

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