Women’s Sport vs. The Media – Newspaper roundup


Despite the lovely weather, things are a bit bleak in the newspaper round up today as many of our usual suspects seem to have forgotten women play sport.  Brace yourselves:

The Sunday Times:


The Independent on Sunday:

A picture of Grand National winning jockey Robert Mania’s mum.

The Sunday Telegraph:

Tiger Woods is now dating Lindsey Vonn (World Cup and Olympic gold medal winning alpine skier).  Caroline Wozniacki is better at being a caddy for her boyfriend Rory McIlroy  than actually playing golf apparently.

The Sunday Mirror:

Sometimes the trusted and expected that you usually take for granted can seem like a complete breath of fresh air.  Such is the Sunday Mirror’s small weekly inclusion of women’s football into their pull out football supplement, this week being the only publication covered that mentions Arsenal Ladies Champion League semi-final first leg match tonight against German team Wolfsburg.  They will be spurred on by the knowledge that the Champion League final will be taking place at Stamford Bridge on the 23rd May, with Byrne saying that the final being in their hometown is a huge incentive for the team to win.

The Observer:

Thank you Anna Kessel.  As all hope of a decent article on women’s sport seemed lost, page 11 of the Observer has saved our sanity with a good report on Liverpool Ladies new approach to the WSL.  This includes relocating the team to a decent sized home ground, finally combining them with the men’s squad, having joint training sessions with their male counterparts and training full time.  Even Arsenal Ladies only train twice a week.  They’ve also signed some international players and provided manager Matt Beard with not only a growing team on the pitch, but a support staff in the back room also.  In short, Liverpool appear to be taking their women’s football seriously. Fingers crossed that others follow suit and other teams gain this much investment too. (Currently I can’t find a link to this article, but once found we will post it asap on Twitter – @Sportistblog)

So there it is.  I know it’s been a bit of a heavy week for men’s football and with the start of the county cricket season and the Masters there’s been a lot of key sport going on in the male sporting world, however there’s also been some things worthy of note for women’s sport too.  The WSL gets off to a start proper today with Chelsea  vs Birmingham and Lincoln vs Liverpool whilst Arsenal take on Wolfsburg for their next assault on the Champions League trophy, playing in the first leg of the semi finals this evening (the furthest any English squad has got this year in the competition).

I’m sure there’s also a lot more gone on this week so please let us know.  Same also if you read any other papers on Sunday that have had good features on any female athletes, either stick it in the comments box or drop us an email at sportisteditor@gmail.com


Image from http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/ladies-day-liverpool-suarez-liverpool-1760182 (thanks!)


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  1. […] The Observer is also the only newspaper to team up the idea of Marathon day and the British queen of marathons, Paula Radcliffe.  In 2003 Radcliffe smashed the marathon world record on home turf, setting a whopping 2 hours 15 mins 25 secs that nobody has even come close to beating.  (Today’s winner Priscah Jeptoo ran 2hours 20 mins 15 secs, a time that would have brought her home nearly 5 minutes after Paula in 2003) In fact no woman has even come within 2 and a half mins of Radcliffe’s world record time.  Seriously, if you do nothing else today, go read Anna Kessel’s article on this race and remember the level of respect we should have for Paula.  The piece is also a very fitting end to Kessel’s stint as athletics correspondent at the Observer/Guardian where she’s provided some fantastic coverage of female athletes in both athletics and football. […]

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