The Next Battleground

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A quick thought for a Friday afternoon.

We pretty much know by now that female sport stars are better at social media than their male counterparts.  If you’ve not noticed this yet, do yourself a massive favour and follow some of the country’s top footballers from each gender group and tell us which ones you find more entertaining on a regular basis.

So why is it that, where its common enough for female sporting stars to give significant comment on the men’s game, for sporting men (who, in many instances, have a lot more time to concentrate on their social media output) the women’s game is a radio-silent zone?  In fact, we can only really think of Arsenal forward Lukas Podolski of the current superstar crop who ever even mention women’s sport with regularity.  Podolski, lest we forget, hails from German stock where women’s football is offered a rather more equal platform than in this country.

Perhaps we’re missing something, though.  Are there any professional sportsmen out there in the Twitterverse who are doing their bit to promote women’s sport?  And what’s stopping the current crop from lending a shout to their female equivalents from time to time?



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