Back on Track – Running like a girl

Girl Crossing the Finish Line

I have recently made a terrible mistake, I have begun reading Alexandra Heminsley’s ‘Running like a Girl’.  I must quickly point out that its not the book itself that’s the mistake, it’s a brilliant and very entertaining read that’s going to have much more written about it at a later date, but more that in reading the book I have stupidly developed the notion that I too can run.  I mean, I know I can run, but I will usually max out at 200m and go into a cold sweat when a 400m is even mentioned, however I now have the idea in my head that I want to run distances further than the end of my road and back.  And where my head goes, my heart, legs, arms, torso and every other bit will have to follow.

I don’t for a second want to take on the half and full marathons Alex guides the reader through in her book, my pain threshold is incredibly low, as is my ability to coordinate such things as taking in fluid or food whilst in motion, however 10kms and 5kms are suddenly the focus of my attention.  Screw all this short distance athletics I’ve trained throughout the winds, rain, snow and sleet of winter for, I now want to trundle around a park or set of streets I’ve never been to before with 1000’s of other people in a non competitive, set your own goals type of environment.

So it only makes sense that I have so far signed myself up for a mile run in May all around the Mall and the Queen’s drive way and then a 10km in October in Richmond Park.  I’m basically picking the nicest routes and signing my life away to them.  At some point I should probably do those sprint drills i’ve been set too….

For more information on upcoming runs throughout England check out these super helpful sites:

Human Race Events 

Zest – Run your own race (scroll through)

My Step, Her Stride 

Zest – Alpro Challenge  (You get a free brekkie with this one)



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  1. There are also a plethora of weekly 5km run groups for free all across the UK.

    Check out The Sweatshop Running Community for weekly runs at a Sweatshop store near you – This one has incentives to keeps coming back each week with free gifts when you hit milestone weeks.

    Or if greenery, trees and well parks are more your thing check out Parkrun! They hold events across the country Every Saturday morning.

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