Back on Track – A fraud

Old and young

This week dear readers I am feeling somewhat like a fraud.  I feel that after documenting my return to athletics over the last 8 months or so people may have got the impression that I’m good at what I do, that this return to the track is actually the rise of the Rio 2016 gold medal winner, that in pulling my trainers back on I’ve begun my final path into the history books and will one day be a contestant on Question of Sport.  However alas, I feel I need to come clean.  The truth of the matter is, I’m not actually that good

When I took athletics back up last summer I had in my mind the goals I wanted to reach.  Goals are good, however I made the mistake of setting my goals carrying on from where I left off 10 years ago, pitching them a little higher than the PB’s I achieved when I was far fitter, far more active and far younger.  If you added up the time I spent at 15 being active, from the 4 hours of PE and Games lessons a week, to the extra netball, hockey, rounders and athletics after school clubs, any out of school clubs, horse riding and the fact that I had to walk everywhere as I couldn’t drive, the final result would probably be more than the exercise done in the whole 10 years following that.  I’ve been made to stare down the cold reality that after sitting on my bum for a decade, only partaking in the occasional short burst of heading to the gym, the few months when swimming became a thing and hacking about on the nags whenever I make it back to the Shire, does not lend itself in anyway to smashing distances and speeds the fully fit and youthful you couldn’t even achieve.

Last week we began measuring our long jump distances for the first time since I’ve been at training, the furthest I managed to knock up equalling the same distance my first EVER measured jump was when I was 12.  Admittedly there’s a lot to work on, having never having any sort of jump technique its taking a while for me to get to grips with the fact you can’t just take off and hope for the best, however I think i’m going to have to face the fact that the PB’s of my teenage years are going to hold…for this season at least.



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