Women’s sport vs the Media – Newspaper round up 19/5/13


Massive apologise for a fortnight ago when I failed in my duties to get a media round up done – I had the papers, just didn’t leave enough time to get the work done.  But on to this week – what will the Sunday titles hold for the world of women in sport?

Before we get started – however great the news is and however lovely Sportist hero Jess Ennis looked at her wedding yesterday we won’ be counting it as a mention of women in sport because, well getting married isn’t a sport.

The Observer

Its fair to say that the last week of  men’s football for at least a fortnight is definitely dominating papers with most of the sport sections dedicating well over half the space to the end of the 2012-2013 season.  As much as we’d like the papers to have used this football focus to support the women’s football too it sadly isn’t to be, bar the small mention of the upcoming women’s Champion League final at Stamford Bridge on Thursday that features on the Observer back page.  In other news there’s a report of Serena William’s assault on the Italian Open to secure her 16th grand slam win against Victoria Azarenka today and a nod towards the 2013 Women’s Gymnastics Championships which takes place today in the Guildford Spectrum.

The Sunday Mirror

To throw no surprises in the mix on a Sunday morning, the ever trusty Sunday Mirror/Football features its regular short feature on women’s football in its football supplement section, this time concentrating on Birmingham Ladies final group match in the Continental cup against Lincoln Ladies today.   Apart from that, a photo of Delia Smith in relation to Norwich City FC and a small photo of Johnny Wilkinson’s girlfriend that’s about it for the Sunday Mirror today.

The Independent on Sunday

The Indie this Sunday is slightly less dominated by football than its Sunday paper brethren, however it still only had space to put in one article on Women’s sport apparently, a feature on 18 year old Jodie Williams, Team GB’s sprinting hopeful for the future. Apart from that there’s a photo of VB and baby Harper Seven watching David Beckham’s emotional last match and that’s all I can find. Please do let me know if I’ve completely missed something – I really hope so.

The Sunday Times

I nearly spat my coffee everywhere whilst flicking through the ST, such was my shock on them featuring an article ON NETBALL. A whole report on the Superleague, focusing on Team Bath and England defender Stacey Francis, Bath’s battle to win this year’s Superleague and England’s hopes for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Then, on the next page there’s an interview with another Sportist hero, Heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson (no relation to Daley Thomspon) where KJT talks about her training, London 2012 and the pressure of being the ‘Next Jess Ennis’.  Not a bad show ST, now please can we see more of the same.

The Mail on Sunday

I don’t know why, but I’m always offended by the print quality of the Mail on Sunday’s sport’s section.  Neurotic issues aside the Mail on Sunday ploughs on as you would expect, finally featuring a woman actually doing sport on page 16 with a report on Serena Williams extending her winning run to 23 matches on the trot now. And that’s your lot.  Not really a stellar week for women’s sport being represented was it.


Image from http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/67684000/jpg/_67684419_67684214.jpg (thanks!)


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