Back on Track – adventures


It’s been a bit of an action packed few weeks at BoT HQ both on and off the track, however as off the track bares no relevance on this blog I better just keep to the sporty facts.

First up, the first competition.  Having had my recent realisation that I am in no way as good now as I was in my teens at my chosen athletic endeavours thanks to 10 years away I approached the competition with 2 aims, 1) to get at least 1 jump in long jump and 2) to run in something.  You’ll be pleased to hear that I achieved both of these, coming last in the long jump as a non scoring competitor ( I didn’t count towards my team’s performance) but having one legal jump and being the last leg of the 4 x 100m relay in which we came last.

It was actually a really nice induction back into the competing world as the competition itself, although being for the top clubs in the south of England, was only for women and consequently, as is the way with women’s sport in this country, was very under athleted.  It seems my club has gone for the approach of entering an A and B string into each competition regardless of whether they can do the sport, with the captain taking part in about 5 events and most other members racking up about 3 entries on the various starter lists.  Therefore although there were some girls who I’m sure were Usain Bolt in drag, there were also quite a few, such as yours truly, who were there for the love of running, jumping and throwing and because they’re okay at it.

Next was my attempt at running a mile, something my work had set up as it’s legacy event post Olympics to prove that everyone can run.  The catch was however that they had made it about the time and although the races were staggered to let the faster ones go off, I still for some reason found myself more tense waiting for the air horn to set us off than I have done at any competition.  Knowing I wouldn’t be vying with Roger Bannister any time soon (or at all unless I build a time machine) I managed to calm down and got round the very picturesque route in a whole 7 mins 36 seconds (I know this for a fact as I was timer tagged for the length of the run- like having a sporty ASBO) which I didn’t think was too bad for a first attempt. I also seemed to go through a whole range of emotions in that short time that made me adamant I must never run a marathon and be left to my own devices for fear of finishing a different person, probably having taken up a religion half way round or something.  I did get a medal though.



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