Showing Up

Watch women play sport

As journalist Laura Williamson mentioned in her Q&A with us last year, if women’s sport is going to make an impact and gain media coverage it needs to stop complaining and prove its worth by demanding bigger crowds and better sponsorship deals.  A bit chicken and egg you can argue, but its true that in the world of sponsorship, brands go where the people go and the media coverage will soon follow.  That’s why we here at Sportist HQ are BIG FANS of Women’s Sports Trust’s most recent initiative called ‘Show Up’.  The concept is a simple one, they give a list of a few key women’s sports events happening and all you, trusty readers, have to do, is show up at the event.  When people show up it shows the TV crews, the sponsors and the journalists that people do want to watch women’s sport and that there is a market for it in the public eye in the UK.

Here are a few of the upcoming events WST is asking you to ‘Show Up’ to:

21st-23rd June 2013
Location: Henley-on-Thames
Spectator Details: The regatta start is at Temple Island and finishes at Remenham Club. The regatta hub is half way down the course where refreshments can be purchased and car parking is available for a fee. There are no entrance fees to the regatta and dress code is casual.

22nd-30th June 2013
Location: Chiswick, London
Spectator Details: Tickets can be bought online. Prices start at £5.00 for juniors and £15.00 for adults.

For more info on Show Up visit

You don’t need us to tell you why women’s sport is important and the implications good media coverage could have for future generations, if you did we’re sure you wouldn’t be on this site.  So do your bit, show up, watch some sport and have a great day – who thought campaigning would be so fun?

See you there



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