Q&A with Yvette Baker

yvette-bakerSynchronised swimmer Yvette Baker joined Team GB in 2009 and made history as part of the first ever British synchro team to compete in the Olympics when they took to the pool for London 2012.

Why and how did you get into synchronized swimming?
I started with lane swimming and my mom also did masters swimming. There were 2 girls from the club I joined who trained with my mom and they told her about it so I tried out.

What’s the training schedule like?
Monday, Thursday and Friday we train 7-5 and Tuesday, Wednesday we train 7-1. We also train on a Saturday 7-2. Three times a week we do a 90 minute speed swim session and also 2 hours of strength and conditioning. The rest of the time is spent in the water practising our routines. Overall we train between 40-50 hours a week.

What’s been your greatest sporting achievement so far?
This has to be competing at the London 2012 Olympics. That was absolutely amazing! The support in the build up to the games and during them was phenomenal and I am so grateful for it. It really helped us to perform that little bit extra as you knew the people were there supporting you.

How have you found it being a woman in sport?
Personally the only thing for me is the lack of media coverage. It has increased due to the Olympics but I think that there could be more especially on television. I think it is important because it will raise the profile. In some cases people don’t know how much effort goes into the training that a lot of female based sports do. For synchronised swimming when people hear the amount of training we do they are completely shocked and surprised. I think if there was more coverage women’s sports would start to be appreciated more and people would start to understand that it can be as exciting as male based sports. I also think it could increase the levels of participation of girls and women as they see the media coverage and find a sport that interests them.


Yvette is an athlete supporter of Women’s Sports Trust.  For more information check out the website: womenssporttrust.com/our-athlete-supporters/


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