Women’s sport vs. the media – Newspaper roundup

sloane stephens

Today’s round up is brought to you through the streaming nose, itchy eyes and swollen face of a girl suffering from the spring time delights of hayfever. Still, the show must go on when there are papers to be read and sports round-ups to be done.

A quick starter for the round-up today- this morning during the french open a debate started between the commentators as to whether having coaches offer the female players advice and tactics during the match lessens the game compared to the men’s where coaches comments during matches isn’t allowed.   We know what our opinion of this is but would be really interested to hear yours – let us know via twitter @sportistblog or in the comments section below!

The Sunday Mirror

I was worried as to what the Sunday Mirror would do now that club football has finished for the season.  What would they report on?  How would the Sports desk cope? Maybe they would turn their attention more to the WSL instead? Silly me though, I forgot the world of men’s football never sleeps, not when there’s extortionate transfers to be made, coaches to wax lyrical about the next season and international games for England to be a bit lack lustre in.  So sadly not an up in reporting on women’s football.

Despite the lack of a football supplement in this Sunday Mirror (the above doesn’t constitute a whole magazine), there was still the one obligatory report  on women’s football, this time covering the upcoming clash between  Merseyside’s finest with Everton ladies taking on the new rich kids Liverpool on Tuesday.

The Sunday Telegraph

Unless my pollen-filled eyes have deceived me, the only mentions of women’s sport I could find in the STel concerned the sad passing of Jelena Gencic, Djokovic’s first coach and ‘tennis mother’, news that left the world No.1 too upset to take part in the post-match media conference yesterday.

The Observer

Usually trusty in its coverage of women in sport, I was about to loose my rag with the Observer when finally on page 13 came the report of the Women’s French Open so far.  Sharapova wants Hawkeye installed there (les yeux du Faucon?) after nearly loosing her nerve to Sheng Jie of China, Sloane Stephens has powered her way to meet Sharapova in the next round and thinks its okay not to speak French whilst in France as everyone knows English anyway, even if they pretend not to.  All this aside, if Stephens keeps up her level of play Sharapova will need more than Hawkeye to help her through to the next round.

On the following page is an interview with one of The Sportist’s heroes, Williams F1 test driver Susie Wolff on her attempt to make the grid on the F1 circuit.  Its a great interview with Wolff talking so much sense about taking gender out of the issue completely – recommended reading.


The Mail on Sunday

There’s another report on Sharapova’s assault on the French Open and her call for a replay system to be installed for queried play after a shot in her match against Jie Zheng was called long, something TV playback proved to be in.

Finally on the back page we learnt something new as Elaine Burke, trainer of Libertarian, the horse to take 2nd place in yesterday’s derby became the female trainer to get closest to winning the Derby.  

The Sunday Times

Last but not least, the ST, this weekend going a bit tennisy on us.  There’s the report on the upcoming Sharapova vs Sloane Stephens match at the French Open and whether young Stephens, with her outspoken opinion on Serena Williams and speaking French, will have the gal to knock Sharapova out of the tournament.  There’s also a comment piece by Pat Cash analysing Laura Robson’s play and the kinks that need ironing out of her second serve if she’s to go ahead in the top level games.  Although this may come across as negative in the way it picks apart her play, its actually really refreshing to see a sports woman’s game being discussed and analysed for its sporting capabilities.

In triathlon news, Non Stanford won her first World Champion Triathlon series with fellow Briton Jodie Simpson finishing 3rd.  Things weren’t so medal based in the Modern Pentathlon World Cup final with Britain no.1 Mhairi Spence finishing 7th whilst London 2012 silver medallist Samatha Murray finishing in 30th.



image from espn.com (thanks)


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