Back on Track-at the Oval

Back on Track has in fact not been anywhere near a track this week due to volunteering at The Oval for the Champions Trophy. However this does not mean one had been resting on her volunteering laurels, oh no no. Instead I’ve been out in my local park when I’ve had a chance to practice speedy feet.

I am a very lazy runner. I lope along, activating my legs just enough to move and keep some sort of speed. However I’ve learnt to my displeasure that doing that does not a speedy sprinter make. Loping your way out of the blocks isn’t really the best way to win races. Therefore I’m now in the process of training my legs to move quicker, resulting in a lot of speedy feet drills. These drills do pretty much what they say on the packet and involve 20 second blocks of running pretty much on the spot forcing my legs to move as fast as possible. Sounds easy however at 6am it’s a bit of a rough wake up call when walking is a bit of a stretch first thing in the morning.

So if you see a sweaty, sleepy looking girl early in the morning in a park in west London looking like she’s forgotten how to run I send you my love!



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