Womens Sport vs The Media – Newspaper Round Up


It’s all got a little tennis obsessed in the papers for women’s sport this week.  Not that we’re complaining, any coverage if good coverage in our eyes.

The Sunday Mirror 

With a break in the women’s football season the Sunday Mirror is pretty much forgotten women play sport.  There’s one tiny mention of Caroline Wozniacki denying that her relationship with Rory McIlroy is affecting her play(possibly because they’re both adults and professional athletes)  and that’s your lot.

The Mail on Sunday

More tennis for you in the Mail on Sunday with two small articles slotted around features of Murray and Federer.  Elena Baltacha, the British no.6 has had a boost at the Aegon Nottingham Challenge heading into the final against Slovenia Tadeja Majeric only days after recieving her Wimbledon wildcard whilst Donna Vekic,the 16 year old ‘new Sharapova’ would like British fans to get behind her as she trains here, lives here and has a British coach despite insisting she’s 100% Croatian.  In other news the issue of a lack of sponsorship in rowing is causing a lot of athletes to doubt their path to Rio 2016, including Heather Glover, who despite TV and media appearances is yet to win any personal sponsorship.  its not looking good for Britain’s rowing team, which seems a waste after the medal haul on the lake at London 2012.

Finally some bad news for women in sport as Jamaica’s twice Olympic and World champion 200m sprinter Veronica Campbell-Brown has tested positive for a banned substance. a banned substance that’s used to mask other banned substances no less.  Campbell-Brown’s future now doesn’t look bright with a two year ban on the horizon, but it could also have a less bright impact on the track (and field) as other high profile athletes will now undoubtedly be under observation.  If Bolt tests positive I think I will loose all faith in the world of sport forever.

The Observer

Did you know Veronica Campbell-Brown is the most decorated female athlete in Jamaican history?  Or at least she was until her sample showed up a banned substance the other day.  The Observer is all over this fall from grace, however also features a good news athletics story with a story on Hannah England, the 1500m world silver medallist on her come back after a disastrous London 2012.  Just to add she had a disastrous London 2012 thanks to blood poisoning picked up after having her achilles shredded by an opponent’s spike at a race 2 months before the games.

Also WOMEN’S FOOTBALL KLAXON:  100 words on the 3-0 win for Germany against Scotland in the Women’s International Challenge Match .

Finally on the back page is a feature on the Williams sisters, their rise to the top of their game and their ‘Ghetto Cinderella’ roots. There’s a documentary out in the two weeks over Wimbledon about the sisters.

The Sunday Times

The ST gets into the swing of all things tennis with an article on Donna Vekic (the new Sharapova – worrying that at 26 Sharapova is the old Sharapova) and Pat Cash debating the Wimbledon prize money.  He has a clear point, when all other sports don’t have women running, jumping, swimming, rowing etc less distance than their male counterparts, why do female tennis players play less games?  Women’s football and rugby matches last the same length of time as the men’s game yet women tennis players only have to knock up the best of three sets at Grand Slams.  I’m all for prize money equality, but game equality is necessary also.  Something for later debate me thinks.

There’s another drugs horror in athletics courtesy of the Russians with special focus on 800m indoor Euro champion Yevgeniya Zinurova who failed a drugs test shortly after her victory along with a report on Campbell-Brown’s fall from grace.  In good news though there’s a feature on Helen Glover and her new partner Polly Swann as they hit the lake without Heather Stanning, Glover’s gold medal partner, for the World Cup Regatta over on Eton Dorney as well as a piece on Lizzie Armitstead and her cycling  comeback assault in Glasgow next weekend.

Finally, a report on all-female sailing crews.  Whilst all female crews have sailed in the Volvo round the world race before, none have been as high profile, well sponsored and well supported as the new SCA team.  Over the next 16 months SCA, a Swedish global hygine company, will take the 11 best female sailors from around the globe and make them into a competitive crew for the most extreme race in the sporting calendar.  Success in this could easily change the face of female sailing forever, we’ll keep you posted.

The Sunday Telegraph

In a shock change of approach the STel has reported on women’s sport, bringing the news of Campbell-Brown’s positive drug test, but not really much else.


Image from http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/veronica%20campbell-brown


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