Back on Track – The reminder


I have a confession.  In the last two weeks I have been out running/done any exercise a grand total of zero times.  This has been for a number of reasons. Firstly, I’ve had a bit of a weird schedule, spending one day volunteering at the Oval and the next trying to catch up on all the work i’m meant to do leaving little spare time to do anything other than sleep.  Secondly, i’ve had things on – gigs to go to, people to see, events to work at. But thirdly, and most horribly, I lost my enthusiasm.

I’m not a lazy person by nature.  My ability to sleep should probably be documented somewhere, but once i’m awake I tend to make the most of the day (even if that day is only a few hours thanks to all the sleep), however recently when I have finally had a little bit of spare time, instead to filling it with pulling on my trainers and heading out as I usually would, i’ve curled up in front of Netflix to try and work out who Sara Lund is going to wrongly accuse next.  I think a lack of upcoming challenges has led to this, i’ve not got another athletics competition until August now as I missed June’s (blame Bruce Springsteen) and looks like i’m away for July’s and haven’t got another distance run until October.  Also the impending doom of how much a run will hurt after a few weeks away is one of the biggest advertisements for not going out running again and continuing to put it off.

Yesterday however I was reminded of how good running is for you and how that first run back won’t be as bad as you ever imagined.  I only dragged myself round the park, spending about 15mins negotiating a very flat route that usually takes half the time AND I nearly vomited up the Natural Confectionery co. Jelly Snakes i’d consumed as a sensible pre run snack (idiot) however was amazed on returning back to the comfort of my room to see how healthy I looked.  Healthier i’d say than I have done in a good few weeks.  I also felt better, my shoulders began to unknot, my continuously cramping feet haven’t spazzed since I got in from the run and my brain has felt more focused.  ah serotonin, welcome back my old friend.




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