Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley

running like a girl

Warning – this book will seriously damage your health.

Actually no, this book will probably seriously help your health, but your first runs after being inspired by this testament to running will make you feel like you are broken.  But luckily the book does also warn you about this.

Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley is one woman’s journey from rookie runner to fully blown marathon pro, from her first attempts round her local park to tackling 5 marathons in two continents.  A book about someone’s quest to run marathons isn’t new, however Running Like a Girl is set apart from its peers by just being brutally honest.  Did you know that when you run your boobs, if not strapped down into a well fitting sports bra will move in figures of eight, straining all the muscley lobey bits and causing super sagging?  Did you also know that tampons are great to pack for a marathon as, apart from the obvious, they can also be used to mop up any cuts or grazes you may get during the run and are far more compact than tissues?  Neither did I, however these are some of the many facts Alex doesn’t hold back on during the pages of this book.

Underneath the humour this book is also a tale of ambition and determination, from starting marathon training from scratch to navigating the intimidating sports shop staff when trying to buy new trainers.  It’s also human, dealing with issues such as lapses of motivation, the psychological demons that take over when your body is in pain during a long run and the fear of possibly wetting yourself mid run.  But most of all it’s inspiring, showing how anybody, regardless of age, fitness or sporting prowess can become a runner and take on the ultimate challenge of those 26.3 miles.


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