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We have to admit, we’ve gone a little Wimbledon crazy here at The Sportist.  It’s not our fault, the issue of women’s tennis in the world of women’s sport is a very compelling one in as far as equality goes and something we’re definitely going to be focusing more on, however this summer isn’t all about the women on centre court.  July is a hothouse of women’s sport and here are just a pick of a few international competitions to look out for over the next 31 days.

England vs Pakistan Women’s Cricket

First up is Women’s cricket, with today seeing the start of Pakistan vs England campaign.  After facing the England Academy over the last few days Pakistan are now taking on Charlotte Edwards in her team in a series covering both T20 and ODI.   Following that Pakistan will then meet Ireland Ladies, completing their tour with an ODI on 10th July against the irish contingent.  A lot of cricket in a few days for the touring team, however will give them the opportunity to gain more experience on the international stage, whilst allowing England to warm up for their upcoming August Ashes against Australia.

England vs Pakistan

1st 1st ODI, Louth (10:45 BST) (England Women won by 111 runs)
3rd 2nd ODI, Loughborough (10:45 BST)
5th 1st Twenty20 international, Loughborough (10:00 BST)
5th 2nd Twenty20 international, Loughborough (14:30 BST)

Ireland vs Pakistan

8th 1st Twenty20 international, Moseley (10:00 BST)
8th 2nd Twenty20 international, Moseley (14:30 BST)
10th ODI, Moseley (10:45 BST)

Currently can’t find any info that this is being televised or broadcast anywhere, however you can follow the scoreboard updates at least on the ever trusty Cricinfo.

Women’s Euro 2013

All eyes will be on Sweden from 10th July (or at least all eyes that have any interest in women’s football) as the Women’s Euro 2013 kicks off.  Unlike the men’s game, the women of the England squad actually have a very good opportunity on their hands at this competition and are hoping to improve on their runner’s up place from Euro 2009.  All very possible considering their current form and the confidence boost taken from drawing with world champions Japan last week.

The games begin at 6pm on 10th July with Italy vs Finland, whilst England’s first match hits our screens on 12th July as they take on Spain.  And yes, it will hit our screens as the BBC has promised to air the tournament!

Lacrosse World Cup

Over in Oshawa, Ontario Canada some of the best lacrosse players in the world will be warming up, hitting the pitch on 10th July for the start of the Women’s Lacrosse World Cup.  19 teams are split into 4 pools, with Euro Champs England and Runners Up Wales facing tough competition in group A from Australia, home nation Canada and Lacrosse giants USA.  For a full schedule have a look here.

We are hoping some of this will be televised in the UK but as of yet can’t find out where.  Undoubtedly one of you lovely lot will be able to enlighten us though.

Diamond League/Anniversary Games

The Diamond League heads to town every year, however 2013 means a possible Olympic tie in and a chance for us sport loving Brits to get very emotional as we watch the likes of  Jennis – Hill (hopefully), Perri (Harlem) Shakes-Drayton,  Christine Ohuruogu, Jessica Judd and many more strut their stuff in the home of Super Saturday and the birthplace of the Mobot, The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Add to that an extra Sunday of Paralypic prowess too and you’ll be having the majority of the stadium thinking we’ve jumped back to 2012 and the four weeks when London and Britain were truly bloody great.

The Diamond League is usually televised and makes very good viewing on a lazy weekend so am assuming the Anniversary Games will be televised too.  However as I said, i’m assuming it will be, just like i’m assuming all the amazing athletes listed above are competing, because I can’t find the info anywhere in the whole wide internet at the mo.

Any competitions we’ve missed out on? Then let us know at @sportistblog


Image of Pakistan team from, all other images have been used previously (thanks!)



  1. This month there is also two rugby league competitions which feature women athletes.
    The Womens Rugby League World Cup takes place in Yorkshire and holders New Zealand who have never lost a final will be hoping to retain their trophy from the clutches of England France and Australia.

    Fixtures July 5th 4pm New Zealand v France, then 6pm England v Australia at Dewsbury
    July 8th 6pm France v Australia, 8pm England v New Zealand at Featherstone
    July 11th 6pm Australia v New Zealand, 8pm England v France at Batley
    Sunday July 14 Final at Headingley Carnegie Stadium, Leeds where the trophy will be presented by London2012 TeamGB Judoka Sophie Cox.

    The Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup is being played at the same time and the matchday squads feature both men and women playing for the same team. All fixtures take place at Medway Park in Gillingham Kent.
    Fixtures 3rd July 12pm Wales v Ireland, 17:30 Australia v Scotland, 19:30 England v France
    6th July 2pm France v Scotland, 4pm England v Ireland, 6pm Australia v Wales
    9th July 12pm Scotland v Ireland, 17:30 Australia v France
    13th July Finals day with the trophy presented by Paralympics legend Tanni Grey-Thompson

    Further information about both tournaments plus tickets can be found at

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