Women’s Sport vs the Media – Newspaper roundup


Today’s post comes to you from down in the Shire.  I’m not going to lie, i’m so warped out on drowsy hayfever medication that who knows what’s going on, but lets continue with the newspaper round up.

The Sunday Telegraph

The STel opens their entire paper with a picture of a woman playing sport. A pregnant woman no less as Zara Phillips took to the saddle this weekend to play polo, less than a week after announcing her pregnancy to the world. Over in the sports section there’s actually stories galore, I thought I was hallucinating in my hayfever drugged state, however no, there’s a NIB on Helen Glover and Polly Swann being the only team unbeaten now in the Olympic events after only 10 of the 14 British crews qualified for medal races at the Lucerne World Cup, a bit on Sharapova hiring Jimmy Connors as her new coach and a review of England vs NZ ladies rugby after England fell in 1st test of their 3-match series 29-10 to their hosts. There’s also a fleeting mention of 800m superstar Jessica Judd in the round up the action over on the athletics track in Birmingham and an interesting article on the gender debate following the ill judged decision to host the Open at a club that still won’t allow women to become members.  Even the Government calls the R&A out of touch for choosing Muirfield as the host for the biggest golf competition to hit UK soil.

The Sunday Mirror

The Sunday Mirror carry on its tradition with its obligatory one article on women’s football, this time focusing on England’s campaign in the Euros so far and how tomorrow must result in a win for the lionesses as they take on Russia for their campaign to continue out of the group stages.  It also points out that Alex Scott will get her 100th cap when she steps out onto the pitch tomorrow.

In other news there’s a round up of the women’s athletics in Birmingham and in other news, Sharapova has employed Jimmy Connors as her new coach.

The Sunday Times 

This week the ST brings stories of the R&A-Muirfield-the-Open debate, a round up of the England vs New Zealand rugby, a preview of the England vs Russia match tomorrow at the Euros and a summary of the athletics from Birmingham yesterday.  There’s also a feature on British sprinter Desiree Henry who lit the Olympic torch last year as one of the seven young people chosen to symbolize the future of Team GB and her battle against injury to get fighting fit and back on the track.

In other news Sharapova has employed Jimmy Connors as her new coach.

The Mail on Sunday

Another paper to open with a picture of a pregnant ZP on a horse followed with full photos on page 3.  This is coupled with an article on page 2 showing the results of a Mail poll on whether Kate should be a stay at home mum or employ a nanny.  53%  of Mail on Sunday readers disagree with Kate returning to her duties and hiring a nanny, 37% say its okay to go back to ‘work’ and 11% say they don’t mind…so there you have it Kate, 101% of the people have spoken.

Anyway, in the world of sport there’s a NIB from Ellen White who says England women are in great shape and looking forward to their match tomorrow against Russia in the Euros, as well as a feature on Muirfield and how Britain’s leading female golfers are speaking out against the choice of it as the host of the Open.  There’s also a follow on article from last week’s investigation into Russia’s doping culture for their athletes in the run up to the World Championships in Moscow next month.  British athletes are angry at the situation and Russian media and livid at the backlash.

In other news Sharapova has employed Jimmy Connors as her new coach.


Image from: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/rugbyunion


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