What the Independent on Sunday said

level the playing fieldIf you recall on Sunday I mentioned in the media roundup that the Independent on Sunday had, on the front cover of the paper, come up with a very bold and very exciting statement regarding women’s sport.  If you also recall I then admitted I hadn’t actually read the article and i’d let you know when I had.  Well that time is now people, there’s nothing like cutting edge and proactive reporting, so that’s why on a Wednesday I finally got round to picking up the Sunday paper and having a quick read.  My findings were positive.




Here are the Independent on Sunday’s targets for women’s sport over the next 12 months:

  • Greater efforts to ensure school sport appeals to more girls
  • Better publicity for sportswomen
  • Better pay for female athletes
  • Corporate sponsors investing properly in sportswomen
  • Broadcast coverage of Britain’s women at all international sporting events
  • Women on the boards of all national sporting governing bodies.

This is what they plan to call for action on and promote in the papers pages – all very exciting I feel.  Yes for them the financial gains from this could be pretty big, by raising the profile of women’s sport and reporting on it they’re creating a market that very few other papers have gone for and consequently also raising their own profile too, but it would also be nice to think they care a little bit.  Either way, its a brilliant  first step and we’ll be supporting, watching and helping however we can along the way.



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