Newspaper roundup-where is it?

As you may have noticed, there’s been a distinct lack of newspaper roundup today. This is because every now and again life gets in the way. We usually try to only let life happen to one of us on a Sunday, leaving the other free to paw through the National titles, however this weekend we just couldn’t coordinate it, which is a real shame as there’s so much news worthy women’s sport going on currently. We’re really sorry about that.

However we have lots of exciting stuff coming up this week to make up for it, including the low down of the WSL from this weekend, the possible revival of Back on Track, our trip to the Women’s Ashes (WAshes?) and an account of my debut and probable retirement from football after playing at the Conti Media Cup. There may also be the occasional hysterical mention of any of the awesome female athletes claiming world titles over in Moscow at the moment too. Phew, busy busy!




  1. There was an interview with former England cricket captain Racheal Heyhoe-Flint in the ‘Independent on Sunday’ – for years she was the only female cricketer most people had heard of – as well as a piece by Micheal Calvin on women’s sports coverage which I may have to take a deep breath before reading as I have had issues with some of his pieces in the past.

    • There was, and it was utterly brilliant. Remarkable woman.

      Calvin’s piece was – maybe surprisingly – really quite good. It might offend, potentially, but he made some fair points about the need for positive coverage to be met with achievement, or to face media criticism. Which seems about fair.


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