Women’s Sport vs The Media – Newspaper Roundup – 01.09.2013


Eesh, right, first of all a swift and massive apology for the lack of activity on The Sportist over the last week. Unfortunately life at Sportist HQ just got sickeningly, painfully busy. Sorry about that.

Onto the newspapers, though, and we’re really not sure what it says about the part of London that one half of The Sportist lives in, but the one paper that was sold out on the shelves by the time we made it to pick up this week’s offerings was The Sunday Telegraph. Draw your own conclusions – we certainly have.

The Sunday Times

This is still, of course, that part of the year where football is new and fresh in all the papers’ minds and dominates the pages just that little bit more than usual. Usual being almost complete domination anyway, of course, but you get the point. With domestic women’s football still not really getting the press that it deserves, it was a lovely surprise to see a small article tucked away at the bottom on the final of the European Women’s U19 Championships, a match England’s youths were unfortunate to lose 2-0 after extra time.

Elsewhere England’s Women’s Ashes victory get exactly as much attention as the men’s T20 series (massive, massive credit to the ECB’s media team for getting this much backing and coverage for a still slightly unusual cricket tournament format) while the women’s side of the US Open is nicely covered as is Helen Glover and Polly Swann’s World Rowing Championships victory. Women’s golf gets a mention in the in-briefs and, all told, this is a most satisfactory week from the Sunday Times.

The Mail on Sunday

It really looked as if the only women’s sport mentions in this week’s paper would be a small paragraph on the England women’s Ashes victory, but suddenly out of nowhere came a full sidebar article on Britain’s latest golfing sensation, Charley Hull, and her new-found, post-Solheim Cup fame.  Beyond that, there’s really nothing to mention, but it’s nice to see women’s golf receiving positive press attention.

The Sunday Mirror

Blah blah blah blah FOOTBALL blah blah blah blah FOOTBALL blah blah etc. etc.

Usual women’s football sidebar. Ctrl+C Ctrl+V

The Observer

The eyes of the British Tennis press are unsurprisingly fixed on Andy Murray’s defence of his US Open title, particularly with Brit Women Laura Robson and Heather Watson having bowed out of the women’s draw in the first week, but there’s still attention on the women’s tournament from The Observer with a brief report on the progress of American wildcard entrant Alison Riske to the fourth round. Elsewhere, the women’s Ashes are well-covered before a brilliant article on cycling’s latest superstar, Becky James, ahead of her efforts in Japan’s Keirin season. Glover and Swann take a mention a well, making this a quietly effective week from The Observer.

The independent on Sunday

We make absolutely no apology for leaving The Independent on Sunday to last this week. And for once, it isn’t even (exclusively) to do with their newly-signed women’s sport pledge. No, this week it’s to do with one very special Sportist favourite.

Before we get there, though, there’s a good report on the women’s Ashes, a very pictorial report on Glover and Swann’s unbeaten season (wow) and a mention of the TV coverage of the Ashes series too. Lovely.

And then there’s the big one.  A full page and a half interview with the utterly, ridiculously brilliant Inspire A Jen. Now look, Jen’s not just a favourite of ours because she agreed to do an interview with us (although that is a big part of it, and I dread to think what she makes of our interview now that she’s experienced the professional leagues!) – she’s a favourite because she’s an extraordinary woman who, 13 months ago, would never have been our poster girl for women’s sport. The reason she is now? Because she’s gone and done ALL OF THEM. What an utter superstar.

Anyway, good on the Independent for giving her some well-earned coverage, and even better on her for being such a flipping hero.

Image from jeninspired.wordpress.com – Obviously. THANK YOU!




  1. I don’t know if you had noticed but the ‘Daily Telegraph’ in its Monday football supplement has taken up the baton dropped by ‘The Guardian’ in including a regular women’s football article. Since I think they do deserve some praise for this I have dropped a line to their sports letters column and I hope some other readers have followed suit.

    • That’s superb news. Comes from a decidedly unexpected source, but really, truly encouraging.

      Thanks for letting us know!


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